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Home > Catalog > |Roman Coins| > |The Twelve Caesars| > |Nero| > SH45882
Nero, 13 October 54 - 9 June 68 A.D.
The reverse legend translates, "The gates of Janus' temple are closed because peace of the Roman people is set on both land and sea." On the rare occasions when Rome was not at war the doors of the 'Twin Janus' were ceremonially closed, an event Nero commemorated extensively on the coinage of 65 - 67 A.D. -- Roman Coins and Their Values, Vol. 1 by David R. Sear
SH45882. Orichalcum sestertius, RIC I 354, BnF I 429, Mac Dowall WCN 171, Cohen I 139, BMCRE I -, Hunter I -, SRCV I -, VF, exceptional style, scratches in fields, Rome mint, weight 25.185g, maximum diameter 35.4mm, die axis 180o, c. 67 A.D.; obverse IMP NERO CLAVD CAESAR AVG GERM P M TR P XIII PP, laureate head right; reverse PACE P R TERRA MARIQ PARTA IANVM CLVSIT, lateral view of the Temple of Janus with garland over closed doors within arch, temple front on the left, the right side of the temple with long latticed window to the right, S - C (senatus consulto) flanking at sides; ex A H Baldwin & Sons (Fixed Price List Winter 2008, £1600), ex MŁnzhandlung Ritter; SOLD



Price, M.J. & B. Trell. Coins and Their Cities: Architecture on the Ancient Coins of Greece, Rome, and Palestine. (London, 1977).

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