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Home > Catalog > |Byzantine Coins| > |Comnen Dynasty| > |John II| > BZ45638
Byzantine Empire, John II Comnenus, 15 August 1118 - 8 April 1143 A.D.
In 1122, John II Komnenos defeated the Pechenegs in the Battle of Beroia (in modern Bulgaria). The Pechenegs later fought as mercenaries for the Manuel I Komnenos in southern Italy against the Norman king of Sicily, William the Bad. A group was also present at the battle of Andria in 1155. For some time, significant communities of Pechenegs still remained in the Kingdom of Hungary. With time the Balkan Pechenegs lost their national identity and were fully assimilated, mostly with Magyars and Bulgarians.
BZ45638. Bronze half tetarteron, DOC IV-1 16a; Hendin pl 11, 13; Morrisson BnF 60/Th/AE/06; Wroth BMC 67; Ratto 2108; SBCV 1954, VF, obverse off-center, Thessalonica (Salonika, Greece) mint, weight 2.313g, maximum diameter 16.6mm, die axis 180o, 1122 - c. 1137 A.D.; obverse Christ standing facing, wearing nimbus cruciger, pallium, and colobium, holding Gospels in left hand, IC - XC (Greek abbreviation: Iisoķs Xristůs - Jesus Christ) across field; reverse + Iω ∆εCΠOT, bust of John facing, wearing crown and jeweled chlamys, labarum in right, globus cruciger in left; SOLD

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