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Home > Catalog > |Medieval & Modern Coins| > |Venice| > SH39381
Republic of Venice, Doge Tomaso Mocenigo, 1414 - 1423
|Venice|, |Republic| |of| |Venice,| |Doge| |Tomaso| |Mocenigo,| |1414| |-| |1423|, DucatTomaso Mocenigo was the fleet commander during the Crusade of Nicopolis.

Struck in near pure gold, the design of the Venetian gold ducat, or zecchino, remained unchanged for more than 500 years, from its introduction in 1284 to the conquest of Venice by Napoleon's troops in 1797. The reverse legend expands to Sit tibi, Christe, datus, quem tu regis, iste ducatus which translates "To thee, O'Christ, Duchy, which thou rulest, be dedicated."
SH39381. Gold Ducat, Papadopoli 1, Biaggi 2865, gVF, weight 3.152g, maximum diameter 19.5mm, die axis 180o, obverse TOM MOCENIGO DVX S M VENETI, S. Marco and Doge kneeling, together holding banner; reverse SIT T XPE DAT Q TV REGIS ISTE DVCAT, Christ standing facing with halo, surrounded by nine stars; SOLD


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