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Home > Catalog > |Antiquities| > |Near East Antiquities| > |Western Asiatic Antiquities| > AAC34354
Sumerian, Sumer (Mesopotamia), Diyala Region, Carved Stone Bowl, Pre-Sargonid - Early Dynastic, 3000 - 2500 B.C.
|Western| |Asiatic| |Antiquities|, |Sumerian,| |Sumer| |(Mesopotamia),| |Diyala| |Region,| |Carved| |Stone| |Bowl,| |Pre-Sargonid| |-| |Early| |Dynastic,| |3000| |-| |2500| |B.C.|, Carved steatite vessels with geometric motifs were used in the temple of Sin in the Diyala Region and the temple of Inanna in Kerman.
AAC34354. Carved gray-green steatite bowl, Choice, 5.5 cm (2 1/8") tall, exterior rim diameter 9.4 cm (3 5/8"); cylindrical walls gently expanding from a flat base to a rimless mouth, ornamented with incised parallel horizontal lines covering sides completely; complete, intact, scratches; SOLD


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