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Home > Catalog > |Roman Coins| > |The Year of 5 Emperors| > |Clodius Albinus| > SH33742
Clodius Albinus, Late 195 or Early 196 - 19 February 197 A.D.
The Historia Augusta writes of omens that predicted Clodius Albinus would one day be emperor, "A peculiar custom was observed in the family of the Caesars, namely, that the infants of this house should be bathed in tubs of tortoise-shell. Now when Albinus was a newly born infant, a fisherman brought as a gift to his father a tortoise of enormous size, and he, being well versed in letters, regarded the gift as an omen and accepted the tortoise gladly. He then gave an order that they should prepare the shell and set it apart for the child for use in the hot baths that are given to infants, hoping that this gift portended noble rank for his son. And again, although eagles appear but rarely in the region in which Albinus was born, on the seventh day after his birth, at the very hour of a banquet in honour of the bestowal of his name, seven young eagles were brought in from a nest and placed as though in jest about the cradle of the child. Nor did his father scorn this omen either, but commanded that the eagles be fed and guarded with care "
SH33742. Silver denarius, RIC IV 11(a), RSC III 61, BMCRE V 43, Hunter III 2, SRCV 6146, gVF, bold portrait, very nice for the type, Rome mint, weight 3.209g, maximum diameter 18.0mm, die axis 0o, as caesar, 193 - 195 A.D.; obverse D CL SEPT ALBIN CAES, bare head right; reverse ROMAE AETERNAE (to eternal Rome), Roma seated left on shield, helmeted, palladium in right, long scepter vertical in left; rare; SOLD




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