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Home > Catalog > |Antiquities| > |Antiquities Collections| > |Malloy Glass| > AM32595
Islamic, Mamluk, Enameled Glass Beaker, 12th - 13th Century A.D.
From the collection of Alex G. Malloy, former dealer in antiquities for 40 years. Ex Robert Hass collection.

Enameled and gilt glass techniques developed in the in Syria in the twelfth century. These pieces were made for the rulers of the adjacent region of the Jazira (northeastern Syria, northern Iraq, and southeastern Turkey). Many pieces were inscribed with the owner's name. Mosque lamps were made for presentation to mosques by sultans and emirs, whose names, titles and official badges were part of the design. Only royalty and wealthiest could afford such fine pieces and they were so highly prized that many have survived to today in pristine condition. Some enamaled glass was made for commercial purposes and, curiously, some pieces were made with Christian themes. After Cairo became the capital of the empire, in the fourteenth century, most of the later enameled glass was made there. The last datable piece of Islamic enameled glass was made at Cairo in 1461 or 1462. By the end of that century Mamluk style gilded and enameled glass lamps were being made in Europe, especially at Venice.
AM32595. Rare and Important Glass Beaker; cf. Sotheby, June 1966 Sale 11, Sotheby Parke-Bernet, Constable-Maxwell Collection of Ancient Glass, June 1, Choice, 12.8 cm (5"), 7.2 cm (2 3/4") diameter, cylindrical beaker with flaring mouth, folded rim, concave base with pontil mark, decorated with red, blue, green, and gold floral and dot pattern; reassembled; rare; SOLD

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