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Home > Catalog > Byzantine Coins > Justinian Dynasty > Justinian I > SH32483
Byzantine Empire, Justinian I, 4 April 527 - 14 November 565 A.D.
Coins of year 12 - 14, as is this coin, are highly valued because they are larger and of better style than most later examples. These massive coins must have given their users a solid assurance of value.
SH32483. Bronze follis, DOC I 165a, SBCV 207, VF, 1st officina, Cyzicus (Kapu Dagh, Turkey) mint, weight 21.618g, maximum diameter 41.0mm, die axis 345o, 539 - 540 A.D.; obverse D N IVSTINIANVS P P AVG, helmeted and cuirassed bust facing, globus cruciger in right hand, shield in left hand, to right cross; reverse large M (40 nummi), cross above, A/N/N/O left, regnal year X/II/I right, A (officina 1) below, KYZ (Cyzicus) in exergue; huge coin; SOLD

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