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Home > Catalog > |Themes & Provenance| > |Collections| > |Scott AEQVITI Collection| > RA25956
Probus, Summer 276 - September 282 A.D., EQVITI Series III of Ticinum, Q, SXXI
Ticinum mint EQVITI series III - click "EQVITI" to read the NumisWiki article, "Coins of Probus with Coded Markings of EQVITI Embedded in the mint mark." The letter "Q" in the reverse field is the second letter of the codeword EQVITI. The letter "S" in the exergue indicates this coin was struck by the second officina (mint workshop). The letters of the word EQVITI are coded in the mint marks of coins from all the officinae of the mint, with the specific letters of the codeword assigned to each officina in order corresponding with their officina numbers. This codeword probably refers to cavalry. It may be AEQVITI truncated because there were only six officinae in operation.
RA25956. Billon antoninianus, RIC V-2 491, gVF, 2nd officina, Ticinum (Pavia, Italy) mint, weight 3.418g, maximum diameter 22.8mm, die axis 180o, obverse VIRTVS PROBI AVG (the valor of Emperor Probus), radiate, helmeted and cuirassed bust left, spear in right over shoulder, shield on left arm; reverse PROVIDENT AVG (the foresight of the Emperor), Providentia standing left holding globe in right and transverse scepter in left hand,Q in left field, * right, SXXI in exergue; nice bust with Probus ready to fight, near full silvering; SOLD



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