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Home > Catalog > |Roman Coins| > |The Adoptive Emperors| > |Trajan| > RY25067
Leucas, Coele Syria, 98 - 117 A.D., Trajan and Plotina(?)
As noted by Imhoof-Blumer, and reiterated by RPC, the obverse bust has similarities with heads of Trajan. The date had been misread as Claudian, leading to the misattribution as Claudius and Agrippina Jr. The coin is, in fact, probably later. The obverse bust seems to show the facial features of Trajan, wearing the radiate crown of Helios (the sun). The reverse has a crescent-crown over the bust of a woman. Perhaps the image can be viewed as the bust of Plotina, wearing the crescent-crown of Luna (the moon).
RY25067. Bronze AE 16, SGICV 508 var., Lindgren 2180, RPC I 4465 (refs list as Claudius and Agrippina Jr. RPC notes Trajan resemblance), F, Leucas mint, weight 3.120g, maximum diameter 16.1mm, die axis 0o, c. 98 - 117 A.D.; obverse ΛEVKA∆IWN, radiate male bust right; reverse KΛAV∆IEWN TWN KAI, female bust right, crescent above; scarce; SOLD




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