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Home > Catalog > |Greek Coins| > |Geographic - All Periods| > |North Africa| > |Numidia| > RP22815
Kingdom of Numidia, Juba II and Cleopatra Selene, 25 B.C. - 23 A.D.
Cleopatra Selene was the daughter of Cleopatra VII by Marc Antony. After the battle of Actium, she was paraded in Octavian's triumph and then raised by Octavia. Augustus made Cleopatra Selene queen of Mauritania and married her to Juba, the king of Numidia. The crocodile symbolized Egypt, a land she had the hereditary right to rule, but which was not part of her kingdom.

These coins are usually called denarii because their design is inspired by the Roman pieces, however their weight is one full gram lower.
RP22815. Silver drachm, Mazard 343, SGICV 6004, SNG Cop 592, near Mint State, weight 2.8394g, maximum diameter 17.6mm, die axis 180o, obverse REX IVBA, diademed head right; reverse KΛEOΠATPA BACIΛIC[...], Egyptian crocodile left; sharply struck, toned with underlying luster, obverse 1/5 off-center but full portrait and legend on flan, Ponterio & Associates, Inc., Sale #142, 1725; scarce; SOLD


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