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Home > Catalog > |Roman Coins| > |Roman Provincial| > |Roman Mesopotamia| > RP22016
Herennia Etruscilla, Augusta July 249 - April/August 253(?) A.D., Rhesaena, Mesopotamia
Rhesaena, in the Roman province Mesopotamia Secunda, became a colony during the reign of Septimius Severus, when the Legio III Parthica was settled there. Rhesaena was an important town in the far north of Mesopotamia, on the way from Carrhae to Nicephorium, about eighty miles from Nisibis and forty from Dara, near the sources of the Chaboras (Khabur) River. Today, it is Ra's al-'Ayn, Syria. Gordian III fought the Persians nearby in 243, at the battle of Resaena. The Notitia dignitatum (ed. Boecking, I, 400) lists it under the jurisdiction of the Dux of Osrhoene. Hierocles (Synecdemus, 714, 3) also locates it in Osrhoene but it was renamed Theodosiopolis. It was fortified by Justinian. In 1393, it was nearly destroyed by Tamerlane's troops.
RP22016. Bronze AE 26, Lindgren I 2623, aVF, Rhesaena (Ra's al-'Ayn, Syria) mint, weight 12.078g, maximum diameter 26.3mm, die axis 0o, obverse EPENNIANW [...], draped bust right, wearing stephane, hair in horizontal ridges, plait looped at the back of neck; reverse CEΠ PHCAINHCIWN L III P, Tyche seated left, river god swimming below, eagle with wreath in beak above; pit flaws; rare; SOLD




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