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Home > Catalog > |Roman Coins| > |The Secessionist Empires| > |Regalianus| > SH21382
Regalianus, Usurper in Austria, c. 260 A.D.
Certificate of Authenticity issued by David R. Sear.

The extremely rare coinage of Regalianus and his wife, Sulpicia Dryantilla, are all antoniniani produced with crudely engraved dies. Like this coin, all examples appear to be over-struck on earlier coins, mostly on denarii of the Severan dynasty (193-235 A.D.). The reverse legend ORIENS AVGG refers to the East and with the plural ending, AVGG, probably indicates he hoped to rule as co-emperor in the East with Gallienus in the West.
SH21382. Silver antoninianus, Gbl Regalianus M1 and pl. II (same dies, citing specimen in Budapest); RIC V-2 7; RSC IV 4a, nearly VF, over-struck on a denarius of the Severan period though the details of the undertype are too obscure for identification, Carnuntum mint, weight 3.328g, maximum diameter 19.5mm, die axis 225o, c. 260 A.D.; obverse IMP C P C REGALIANVS AVG, radiate and draped bust right; reverse ORIENS AVGG (the rising sun of the two emperors), Sol standing left, radiate, nude but for chlamys over shoulders and left arm, raising right hand commanding the sun to rise, whip in left; ex Forum (2003); extremely rare (R5); SOLD




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