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Home > Catalog > |Greek Coins| > |Hellenistic Monarchies| > |Kingdom of Edessa| > SH15727
Kingdom of Osrhoene, King King Ma'nu VIII, c. 139 - 163 and 165 - 177 A.D., In the Name of Lucilla
The Kingdom of Osrhoene was an independent kingdom, alternately under Parthian and Roman domination, from the end of the Seleucid period until it became a Roman province in 244 A.D. This coin was minted in the name of Lucilla, Augusta and wife of the emperor Lucius Verus.
SH15727. Silver denarius, possibly unpublished, SRCV II -, SNG Cop -, cf. BMC Arabia p. 93, 7 ff. (Juno reverse), F, uneven toning, flat reverse strike, Mesopotamia, Edessa (Urfa, Sanliurfa, Turkey) mint, weight 2.334g, maximum diameter 17.0mm, die axis 180o, c. 167 - 177 A.D.; obverse ΛOVKIΛΛA CEBACTH, draped bust right, hair plaited, bound with fillet, and tied with chignon in back; reverse BACIΛEV MANNOC ΦIΛOPWMA, Victory walking left, wreath in right hand, palm over shoulder in left; extremely rare; SOLD


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Kingdom of Edessa (Osroene), Mesopotamia