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   View Categories Home > Catalog > |Medieval & Modern Coins| > |Crusaders| > CR112805
Crusaders, Principality of Achaea, William II of Villehardouin, 1245 - 1278
|Crusaders|, |Crusaders,| |Principality| |of| |Achaea,| |William| |II| |of| |Villehardouin,| |1245| |-| |1278|, NEWWilliam of Villehardouin became Prince of Achaea when his brother Geoffrey II died. He conquered the remaining territory of the Peloponnese and built the fortress of Mistra near Sparta. In 1249 he accompanied Louis IX of France on the Seventh Crusade, joining him in Cyprus with 400 knights and 28 ships. Louis gave him a license to mint coins in the style of royal French money. William defeated Venice in the War of the Euboeote Succession and defeated the Duke of Athens in 1258, reaffirming his power over the duchy. In 1259 he formed an alliance with the Byzantine Despotate of Epirus against Nicaea. He led the Achaean forces against the Nicaeans, but the Epirote army deserted and William was defeated. He fled and hid under a haystack, but was captured. He remained captive until 1262 and permanently lost all his power.
CR112805. Bronze denier, Malloy Crusaders p. 356, 3; Metcalf Crusades pl. 38, 877; Schlumberger p. 313 & pl. 12, 7; Tzamalis F56, aVF, centered, tight flan, center weak, edge ragged with splits, Corinth mint, weight 0.702g, maximum diameter 16.9mm, 1245 - 1278; obverse G•Π•AC-CA-IE•, long cross patte, extending beyond inner circular border and dividing legend, right arm shorter making space for •; reverse COR/INT/Vm (squared legend, clockwise from 2:00, N appears as H, m appears as ligate on), fortified gateway with central tower surmounted by cross patte flanked by pellets; $200.00

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