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Crusaders, Principality of Antioch, Bohemond III, 1163 - 1201 A.D.
|Crusaders|, |Crusaders,| |Principality| |of| |Antioch,| |Bohemond| |III,| |1163| |-| |1201| |A.D.|,
Bohemond III was Prince of Antioch from 1163 to 1201. He ascended to the throne after the Antiochene noblemen dethroned his mother. He fell into captivity in the Battle of Harim in 1164, but Nur ad-Din, atabeg of Aleppo released him to avoid conflict with the Byzantine Empire. Bohemond went to Constantinople to pay homage to Manuel I Komnenos and remained an ally of the Byzantine Empire. He fought against Armenian Cilicia, assisting in the restoration of Byzantine rule in the Cilician plain. He also made alliances with the Muslim rulers of Aleppo and Damascus against Saladin, who had begun to unite the Muslim countries along the borders of the crusader states. Bohemond forced the Armenian rulers of Cilicia to accept his suzerainty in the late 1180s. He also secured the County of Tripoli for his second son, Bohemond, in 1187. However, Saladin occupied almost the whole Principality of Antioch in the summer of 1188. To preserve the peace with Saladin, Bohemond did not provide military assistance to the Third Crusade. Leo I of Armenia captured Bohemond in 1194, and was released only after he acknowledged Leo's independence.1165_Map
CR111228. Billon denier, Malloy Crusaders p. 213, 62; Metcalf Crusades pl. 16, 372, F, toned, Antioch (Antakya, Turkey) mint, weight 0.914g, maximum diameter 17.7mm, die axis 90o, 1163 - 1201 A.D.; obverse +BOAMVNDVS, helmeted bust left, in chain armor composed of upward crescents, helmet ornamented with a cross patte, crescent with horns up left, five-pointed star right; reverse +ANTIOCHIA (A's double barred with annulets), cross patte, crescent horns toward center in second quarter; ex Morton & Eden auction 119 (6 Dec 2022), lot 333 (part of); SOLD



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