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   View Categories Home > Catalog > |Judean & Biblical Coins| > |Jewish Revolts| > |Bar Kochba| > JD111141
Judaea, Bar Kochba Revolt, 132 - 135 A.D.
|Bar| |Kochba|, |Judaea,| |Bar| |Kochba| |Revolt,| |132| |-| |135| |A.D.|, In 134, the Romans captured Jerusalem. Simon bar Kokhba was killed in 135, at Betar, a fortress where he had taken refuge. Jerusalem, largely destroyed, was renamed Colonia Aelia Capitolina. Legio VI Ferrata rebuilt the legionary fortress in the city and constructed a Roman temple at Golgotha. An altar to Jupiter was erected on the site of the Temple in Jerusalem. Although, resistance continued in Galilee, the Jewish diaspora began as Emperor Hadrian barred Jews from Jerusalem and had survivors of the massacre dispersed across the Roman Empire. Many were sold into slavery. The Jews remained scattered without a homeland for close to two millennia.

Obverse legend:      Reverse legend:
JD111141. Bronze AE 24, Mildenberg 32 (O2/R11); SNG ANS 580; BMC Palestine p. 3, 93; Meshorer TJC 297a; Sofaer p. 283, & pl. 236, 16; Hendin 6463 (S), VF, highlighting earthen deposits, tight flan, small edge splits, obv. center weak, weight 5.937g, maximum diameter 24.2mm, die axis 0o, undated, year 3, 134 - 135 A.D.; obverse Paleo-Hebrew inscription counterclockwise from lower right: for the freedom of Jerusalem, upright palm branch within laurel wreath, wreath with four groups of three leaves on each side, a medallion at the top and ribbon ties at the bottom; reverse Paleo-Hebrew inscription counterclockwise from lower right: Shimon, kithara (lyre) with a long soundbox, three strings, and horn-like protrusions; ex Amphora Coins (David Hendin) with his signed photo authenticity receipt; ex S. Moussaieff Collection; ex Goldberg auction 110 (4 Jun 2019), lot 1776 (part of); scarce; $900.00

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