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   View Categories Home > Catalog > |Multiple Coin Lots| > LT110932
Lot of 24 Julio-Claudian Roman Provincial Bronze Coins, c. 40 B.C. - 68 A.D.
|Multiple| |Coin| |Lots|, |Lot| |of| |24| |Julio-Claudian| |Roman| |Provincial| |Bronze| |Coins,| |c.| |40| |B.C.| |-| |68| |A.D.
|, The following list was provided by the consignor and has not been verified by FORVM:
1) Q. Varus, Antioch, Zeus / Tyche, RPC I 4252
2) Octavian, AE cut fragment, southern Gaul
3) Agrippa, cut 1/2 of a Nemausus as, head left / Crocodile, thin flan, imitative
4) Augustus, AE19, Teos, head of Augustus in temple / Dionysos, RPC 2511, porosity, scarce
5) Augustus, AE20, Elaea, RPC I 2398
6) Augustus, AE25, Asia Minor, AVGVSTVS in laurel wreath, RPC I 2231, RIC I 485 (Ephesus?), ex Roma, e-sale 47, lot 449
7) Time of Augustus, AE23 Apamea, Syria, Dionysos, countermark of Tyche / Thrysos, RPC 4347-53, Howgego 201
8) Pergamum, Augustus, AE20 Homonoia with Sardes, Demos of Sardes crowned by Demos of Pergamum / statue in temple, RPC I 2362
9) Panormus, Sicily, AE16, Livia seated right / ram, RPC I 645
10) Gaius Caesar, AE16 Laodikeia, Phrygia, Eagle, RPC I 2899
11) Tiberius, AE27, Antioch, SC in wreath, RPC I 4272, rough
12) Tiberius, AE20, Eumueia, Phrygia, RPC I 3147, F
13) Germanicus and Drusus, AE26, Sardes, RPC I 2995, ctmks
14) Tiberius or Caligula(?) AE20, Mallus, Nike, RPC I 4019 (Caligula?)
15) Caligula, Aspourgos, RPC I 1904, rough
16) Claudius, AE20, Cadi, Phrygia, RPC I 3062
17) Claudius, AE25, TONZON countermark over oval countermark of head right, Howgego 568, rare
18) Augustus & Agrippa, Nemausus, Gaul, RPC I 525
19) Claudius, AE23, Lycian League, Apollo, RPC I 3345
20) Nero and Britannicus, AE18, Pergamum, RPC I 2371, rare
21) Time of Nero, Sardes, RPC I 3008
22) Herod Agrippa I, prutah, RPC I 4981
23) Antioch, RPC I 4229, 38/7 BC, reverse rough, ex Surber
24) Tiberius & Livia, AE19, Ephesos, RPC I 2585
LT110932. Bronze Lot, lot of 24 Julio-Claudian Roman provincial bronze coins, 15.7mm - 31.4mm, mostly Fair to Fine, c. 40 B.C. - 68 A.D.; no tags or flips, the actual coins in the photograph, as-is, no returns, 24 coins; several scarce; $650.00 SALE |PRICE| $585.00


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