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Home > Catalog > |Roman Coins| > |Crisis and Decline| > |Gallienus| > RP09186
Gallienus, August 253 - September 268 A.D., Tyre, Phoenicia
Unpublished in major references. This type is common for earlier emperors. BMC and Lindgren list the type for Gallienus only in a larger radiate denomination.
RP09186. Bronze AE 28, cf. BMC Phoenicia p. 291, 474, (radiate AE 31); SNG Cop -; Lindgren -, F, Tyre mint, weight 11.88g, maximum diameter 27.6mm, die axis 180o, obverse IMP C P LIC [GALLIEN]VS AV, laureate and cuirassed bust right; reverse COL TYRO MET, Astarte standing facing, head left, wearing Kalathos, right hand on trophy left, transverse scepter in left hand,Nike standing on column behind, crowning the goddes; small Marsyas stands at feet inner left, murex shell inner right; very rare; SOLD

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