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   View Categories Home > Catalog > |Greek Coins| > |Geographic - All Periods| > |Greece| > |Boiotia| > GS08085
Thebes, Boiotia, Greece, c. 368 - 364 B.C.
|Boiotia|, |Thebes,| |Boiotia,| |Greece,| |c.| |368| |-| |364| |B.C.|, Struck during the time of the Theban general and statesman Epaminondas, who transformed the ancient Greek city-state of Thebes, leading it out of Spartan subjugation into a preeminent position in Greek politics. In the process he broke Spartan military power with his victory at Leuctra and liberated the Messenian helots, a group of Peloponnesian Greeks who had been enslaved under Spartan rule for some 230 years. Epaminondas reshaped the political map of Greece, fragmented old alliances, created new ones, and supervised the construction of entire cities. He was militarily influential as well, inventing and implementing several major battlefield tactics. The Roman orator Cicero called him "the first man of Greece", and Montaigne judged him one of the three "worthiest and most excellent men" that had ever lived, but Epaminondas has fallen into relative obscurity in modern times. The changes Epaminondas wrought on the Greek political order did not long outlive him, as the cycle of shifting hegemonies and alliances continued unabated. A mere twenty-seven years after his death in 362 B.C., Thebes was obliterated by Alexander the Great. Thus Epaminondas, praised in his time as an idealist and liberator, is today largely remembered for a decade (371 B.C. to 362 B.C.) of campaigning that sapped the strength of Greece and paved the way for the Macedonian conquest.
GS08085. Silver stater, BCD Boiotia 537; SNG Christomanos 780; BMC Central p. 81, 117; Traité III 267, pl. CCI, 13; Hepworth 14; Head Boeotia p. 64; HGC 4 1332 (S), VF, graffiti on reverse 12:00, Thebes mint, weight 12.07g, maximum diameter 20.8mm, magistrate Arka-, c. 368 - 364 B.C.; obverse Boeotian ox-hide shield; reverse amphora with vine leaves on handles, AP-KA across fields; SOLD

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