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Coins of Denmark

Danish West Indies, Christian IX, 1863 - 1906

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Mintage: 121,000.
SH86346. Gold 4 Daler (20 Francs), SCWC KM 72, Schn Weltmnzkatalog 8, Friedberg 2, Hede 30, Schlumberger Gold 94; reeded edge, UNC, light marks, hairline die crack on the reverse, weight 6.444 g, maximum diameter 21.0 mm, die axis 0o, Copenhagen mint, 1904; obverse CHRISTIAN IX 1904 P - ♥ DANSK VESTINDIEN, bare head left; reverse 20 FRANCS above, 4 DALER and small G.I. in exergue, female seated facing on a Viking ship left loaded with bales, her hair is loose and in waves behind to her waist, she wears an ornate necklace, is nude to her hips, and has drapery over her legs, her bare feet below, she holds a rudder/scepter in her right hand, her left hand rests on a palm tree, three coconuts on the ground below the tree; SOLD

Denmark, Silver 25 Ore, 1874

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WO37797. Silver 25 Ore, KM 796, AU, weight 2.428 g, maximum diameter 17.0 mm, die axis 0o, obverse CHRISTIAN IX KONGE AF DANMARK 1874, bare head right; reverse 25 ORE, porpoise, star, and stalk of grain; SOLD

Denmark, Frederick III, 1 May 1648 - 9 February 1670

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Frederick III was king of Denmark and Norway from 1648 until his death. He was defeated in the 1657-1658 Dano-Swedish War, but attained great popularity when he weathered the 1659 Assault on Copenhagen and won the 1658-1660 Dano-Swedish War. Later that year, Frederick used his popularity to disband the elective monarchy in favor of absolute monarchy, which lasted until 1848.
WO55681. Silver 2 Skilling, cf. Hede 124, Schou 38-51, Sieg 14.1, gF, weight 1.053 g, maximum diameter 18.3 mm, die axis 90o, Copenhagen mint, 1649; obverse FRIDERIC III D G DAN, crowned arms, flanked by 16-49; reverse Γ NOR VAN GOTO Q REX , II / SKILI / NGDA / NSK within inner border; SOLD


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