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Greek Antiquities
Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, Glass Floral Inlay Fragment, 3rd - 1st Century B.C.

|Egyptian| |Antiquities|, |Ptolemaic| |Kingdom| |of| |Egypt,| |Glass| |Floral| |Inlay| |Fragment,| |3rd| |-| |1st| |Century| |B.C.|
This small piece of glass may not seem like much but larger pieces from the master craftsmen of this workshop are very rare. Even a small fragment like this one is museum quality and suitable for an important collection.
AA32380. cf. Lightfoot NMS 492 - 493, Choice fragment, floral inlay glass fragment, 1.9 cm (3/4"), partial flower with three white pedals and center of yellow and clear dots, black background; from the collection of Alex G. Malloy, former dealer in antiquities for 40 years; ex Robert Haas collection; rare; $240.00 (220.80)

Greek, Athens(?), Miniature Pottery Oil Lamp, c. late 6th - mid 5th century B.C.

|Oil| |Lamps|, |Greek,| |Athens(?),| |Miniature| |Pottery| |Oil| |Lamp,| |c.| |late| |6th| |-| |mid| |5th| |century| |B.C.|
The referenced lamp from Isthmia is a very similar miniature lamp with the same shape and same dull brown glaze on buff pottery. Broneer identifies it as, "probably a local [Athens] product." Broneer also writes, "There are no close parallels from the Athenian Agora. See Corinth IV, ii, p. 137, fig 61, which, however is later, as shown by the longer nozzle" On later examples of this type, the nozzle is long enough that the wick hole does not extend into the shoulder or discus.
AH21462. Broneer Isthmia type IV, 59 (very similar), cf. Corinth IV 61 (longer nozzle, later), Getty Museum 7 (same, pink clay, S. Italy), Choice, complete and intact, much of brown slip lost (visible in photo), 2.8 cm (1 1/8") high, 5.8 cm (2 1/4") long; wheel-turned, partial dull brown slip on slightly pink buff pottery, round, deep, flat bottomed bowl with sides narrowing slightly to a groove setting off a low round disc base, slightly concave discus, no handle, small short projecting nozzle with wick hole extending into the discus, large fill hole; ex Edgar L. Owen; $160.00 (147.20)

Greek & Roman Art: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

|Roman| |Coin| |Books|, |Greek| |&| |Roman| |Art:| |Museum| |of| |Fine| |Arts,| |Boston|
BL43196. Greek & Roman Art: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, a small booklet with over 40 black and white photographs and descriptions of superb pieces from the museum collection; perfect for throne room reading; $2.00 (1.84)


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