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Ancient Greek Coins

Die Mnzprgung Milets vom vierten bis ersten Jahrhundert v. Chr, Typos V

|Greek| |Books|, |Die| |Mnzprgung| |Milets| |vom| |vierten| |bis| |ersten| |Jahrhundert| |v.| |Chr,| |Typos| |V|
The coinage of Miletus from the fourth to the first century B.C.
BK10026. Die Mnzprgung Milets vom vierten bis ersten Jahrhundert v. Chr by Barbara Deppert-Lippitz, Monographien zur antiken Numismatik, Typos V, 1984. in German, 8vo, original red cloth hardcover with dust jacket, 223 pages, 36 plates of coins, only one available, NEW, priced at FORVM's cost!; $40.00 SALE PRICE $25.00

Travaux de Numismatique Grecque Offerts a Georges Le Rider

|Greek| |Coin| |Books|, |Travaux| |de| |Numismatique| |Grecque| |Offerts| |a| |Georges| |Le| |Rider|
Articles include the following:
Arnold-Biucchi, C. "Un Trsor de Ttradrachmes Hellnistiques dAigeia en Cilicie"
Ashton, R. "The Coinage of Nisyros"
Houghton, A. "The Early Seleucid Mint of Laodicea ad Mare (c. 300-246 BC)"
Manganaro, G. "Dallobolo all Litra e il Problema del Damareteion"
Mildenberg, L. "A note on the coinage of Hierapolis Bambyce"
Nicolet-Pierre, H. "Argent et or frappes en Babylonie entre 331 et 311 ou de Mazdai a Seleucos"
Oeconomides, M. "Le trsor d'pidaure 1977 (Palaia 'Epidauros)"
Troxell, H.A. "A New Look at Some Alexander Staters from 'Salamis'"
Westermark, U. "Himera. The Coins of Akragantine Type 2"
BK10025. Travaux de Numismatique Grecque Offerts a Georges Le Rider, edited by M. Amandry and S. Hurter, 1999, 462 pages, red cloth hardback with dust cover, NEW, priced at FORVM's cost!; $62.00 SALE PRICE $25.00 Out of Stock!

Coins of Macedonia and Rome: Essays In Honour Of Charles Hersh

|Numismatic| |Books|, |Coins| |of| |Macedonia| |and| |Rome:| |Essays| |In| |Honour| |Of| |Charles| |Hersh|
A collection of 22 essays on Macedonian and Roman coins compiled for the 75th birthday of Charles Hersh. The essays include:
Two hoards of minor silver by Arnold Spaer
Lions and lionesses, eagles and a few heads: a new uncertain mint in Caria by Silvia Hurter
The coins in the name of Sura by Franois de Callata
Selinus and the quadrigatus by Michael Crawford
The Mars/eagle and thunderbolt gold and Ptolemaic involvement in the Second Punic War by A.R. Meadows
More evidence for the early denarius by Richard Schaefer
Some late 'early' Republican quinarii by Richard Witschonke
Unpublished Roman Republican bronze coins by R. Russo
Roman Republican coinage c.150-90 BC by H.B. Mattingly
The coinage of the Social War by Andrew Burnett
Coinage, credit and the aerarium in the 80s BC by J.H.C. Williams
The coinage of Bibulus again by Michel Amandry
A group of Eraviscan denarii by Robert D. Freeman
Roman Republican coins in the Manchester Museum by Keith Sugden
Overstrikes and imitative coinages in central Italy in the late Republic by C. Stannard
BK10488. Coins of Macedonia and Rome: Essays In Honour Of Charles Hersh edited by Andrew Burnett, Ute Wartenberg, and Richard Witschonke, Spink and Son Ltd., 1998, 229 pages, 34 plates, hardcover, includes dust cover, priced at FORVM's cost!; $50.00 SALE PRICE $25.00

Coin Hoards From Roman Britain X

|Roman| |Coin| |Books|, |Coin| |Hoards| |From| |Roman| |Britain| |X|
Hoards in the volume include a unique group of 110 plated denarii from northern Suffolk, a rare hoard of second-century gold aurei from Didcot, Oxfordshire, and a late fourth-century hoard of nearly seven-and-a-half thousand coins from Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire.
BK10529. Coin Hoards From Roman Britain X edited by Roger Bland & John Orna-Ornstein, British Museum Press, 1997, 480 pages, 48 plates, hard cover, includes dust jacket, priced at FORVM's cost! ; $50.00 SALE PRICE $25.00

Coin Hoards IX, Greek Hoards

|Greek| |Coin| |Books|, |Coin| |Hoards| |IX,| |Greek| |Hoards|
This, the ninth volume of Coin Hoards, is again dedicated solely to hoards of Greek coins. It includes hoards from all areas around the Mediterranean from the sixth century B.C. to the second century A.D. Coin Hoards IX, together with the previous volumes in the series, thus forms an essential supplement to the inventory of Greek Coin Hoards, published in 1973 by Thompson, Morkholm and Kraay.
BK10505. Coin Hoards IX, Greek Hoards edited by A. Meadows & U. Wartenberg, Royal Numismatic Society, London, 2002, hardback with dust jacket, 308 pages, 66 plates, new, shelf-worn, priced at FORVM's cost!; $29.00 SALE PRICE $20.00

Catalogue Des Monnaies Grecques Antiques De L'Ancienne Collection Pozzi, TEXT ONLY

|Greek| |Books|, |Catalogue| |Des| |Monnaies| |Grecques| |Antiques| |De| |L'Ancienne| |Collection| |Pozzi,| |TEXT| |ONLY|
Catalogue of ancient Greek coins of the old collection Pozzi, coins minted in Europe.
BK13623. Catalogue Des Monnaies Grecques Antiques De L'Ancienne Collection Pozzi by Serge Boutin, 1979, vol. 1, in French, 94 pages, 4 pages of monograms, text volume ONLY, priced below our cost!; $8.00 SALE PRICE $6.00

Wheaton College Collection of Greek and Roman Coins

|Numismatic| |Books|, |Wheaton| |College| |Collection| |of| |Greek| |and| |Roman| |Coins|
Published by the American Numismatic Society, this volume publishes the collection of Wheaton College in a format similar to SNG.
BK09881. Wheaton College Collection of Greek and Roman Coins by J. David Bishop and R. Ross Holloway, hardback, 32 pages plus 32 plates, priced BELOW FORVM's cost!; $5.00 SALE PRICE $2.50

Judaea (Yehudah), Ptolemaic Rule, Ptolemy II Philadelphos, 285 - 246 B.C.

|Greek| |Domination|, |Judaea| |(Yehudah),| |Ptolemaic| |Rule,| |Ptolemy| |II| |Philadelphos,| |285| |-| |246| |B.C.||1/4| |drachm|
This is apparently only the second known specimen of this type. All the references given describe the same coin and the plates share photos of a single specimen from the S. Moussaeiff Collection. This coin was struck with the same obverse die but it appears to be from a different reverse die. See the Moussaeiff Collection coin here.
JD99501. Silver 1/4 drachm, Hendin 6088 (RRR); Lorber CPE 710; Gitler-Lorber II Group 7, 15; Deutsch Unrecorded 4; Meshorer TJC -; Mildenberg Yehud -, gVF, toned, deposits, obv. off center, edge splits, weight 0.876 g, maximum diameter 10.4 mm, die axis 315o, Jerusalem mint, probably 272 - 261/0 B.C.; obverse diademed head of Ptolemy I right; reverse eagle standing half left on thunderbolt, wings open, head left, Aramaic, Aramaic (YHDH) on left, read right to left (upward); ex CNG auction 117 (19-20 May 2001), lot 328 (listed as a quarter ma'ah in error); $21000.00 (19950.00)

Judaea, Achaemenid Persian Yehud Province, c. 375 - 332 B.C.

|Persian| |Rule|, |Judaea,| |Achaemenid| |Persian| |Yehud| |Province,| |c.| |375| |-| |332| |B.C.||gerah|
"The notable relationship between man and his god was that between supplicant and listener: the supplicant voices his prayer and entreaties to his god, and the god listens and tries to carry out his wishes. Thus the god's most important organ was his ear that heard the prayer..." -- Y. Meshorer in A Treasury of Jewish Coins.

"Incline Thine ear, O Lord, and answer me" (Psalms 86:1)

"for ye have wept in the ears of the Lord" (Numbers 11:18).
JD99503. Silver gerah, Hendin 6060 (RR), Menorah Coin Project YHD 13 (01/R1), Meshorer TJC 18, HGC 10 440, Bromberg -, Shoshana -, Sofaer -, VF, toned, off center, light marks and scratches, die wear, edge split, weight 0.295 g, maximum diameter 8.2 mm, Jerusalem (or nearby) mint, c. 350 - 332 B.C.; obverse ear (of God?); reverse falcon upward, head right, wings open, Aramaic (YHD) on right, read right to left (upward); very rare; $4900.00 (4655.00)

Persian Empire, Samaria, c. 375 - 332 B.C.

|Persian| |Rule|, |Persian| |Empire,| |Samaria,| |c.| |375| |-| |332| |B.C.||drachm|
Samaria was the capital of the northern Kingdom of Israel in the 9th - 8th centuries B.C. The Assyrians took the city and the northern kingdom in 722/721 B.C. The city did not recover until the Persian period, the mid 5th century. The tensions between the ruling Sanballat family and Jerusalem under the governorship of Nehemiah are documented in the Bible (Ezra 4:10, Neh 4:78). Samaria became Hellenistic in 332 B.C. Thousands of Macedonian soldiers were settled there following a revolt. The Judaean king John Hyrcanus destroyed Samaria in 108 B.C., but it was resettled under Alexander Jannaeus. In 63 B.C., Samaria was annexed to the Roman province of Syria. Herod the Great fortified the city and renamed it Sebaste. The ruins are located in the Samaria mountains almost 10 km to the northwest of Nablus.
JD99500. Silver drachm, Meshorer-Qedar 30; Samuels 6; Mildenberg Bes pl. 1, 5; Sofaer -; SNG ANS -; Hendin -; HGC 10 -, VF, centered, toned, edge split, a little rough, weight 2.565 g, maximum diameter 17.7 mm, die axis 0o, Samaria (Sebastia, West Bank) mint, c. 375 - 332 B.C.; obverse horned head of creature facing (griffin?) within square guilloche-pattern border; reverse winged and horned griffin recumbent right, Aramaic dalat (for Delayah?) above left, square guilloche-pattern border, all within an incuse square; extremely rare; $4750.00 (4512.50)


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