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Arrangement of the coins for the photographs is random - we do not pick the best coins and put them on top. Unless otherwise noted, the coins offered are the actual coins in the photograph, coins are unattributed and no additional information about the coins is available. As indicated in applicable individual lot descriptions: LARGE LOTS ARE AS IS, NO RETURN.

Persian Empire, Philistia - Gaza or Samaria, Lot of 7 Drachms, Early 4th Century - 333 B.C, Imitative of Athens

|Holyland| |Bulk| |Lots|, |Persian| |Empire,| |Philistia| |-| |Gaza| |or| |Samaria,| |Lot| |of| |7| |Drachms,| |Early| |4th| |Century| |-| |333| |B.C,| |Imitative| |of| |Athens||Lot|NEW
LT113400. Silver Lot, Lot of 7 Athens pi-style imitative drachms, cf. Gitler & Tal IX.1D, F - aVF, toned, some corrosion and porosity, uncertain Gaza or Samaria mint, early 4th century - 333 B.C; obverse helmeted head of Athena right, with profile eye, olive leaves and pi-style floral ornament on crested helmet, large round earring; reverse owl standing right, head facing, olive spray and crescent upper left, AΘE downward on right, all within incuse square; ex CNG mail bid auction 84 (5 May 2010), lot 737 (realized $2000 plus fees); ex Dr. Patrick H.C. Tan Collection; $2200.00 SALE PRICE $1980.00

Ancient Greece and Rome, Lot of 54 Ancient Bronze Coins, c. 400 B.C. - 117 A.D.

|Multiple| |Coin| |Lots|, |Ancient| |Greece| |and| |Rome,| |Lot| |of| |54| |Ancient| |Bronze| |Coins,| |c.| |400| |B.C.| |-| |117| |A.D.||Lot|
†† Click here to see a list of the coins provided by the consignor (not verified by FORVM).
LT110928. Bronze Lot, 54 ancient coins, mostly Greek bronze, plus small piece of hacksilver and Roman Republic Aes Rude, c. 400 B.C. - 117 A.D.; unattributed, no tags or flips, the actual coins in the photographs, as-is, no returns, 56 pieces; $990.00 SALE PRICE $891.00

Lot of 24 Julio-Claudian Roman Provincial Bronze Coins, c. 40 B.C. - 68 A.D.

|Multiple| |Coin| |Lots|, |Lot| |of| |24| |Julio-Claudian| |Roman| |Provincial| |Bronze| |Coins,| |c.| |40| |B.C.| |-| |68| |A.D.
The following list was provided by the consignor and has not been verified by FORVM:
1) Q. Varus, Antioch, Zeus / Tyche, RPC I 4252
2) Octavian, AE cut fragment, southern Gaul
3) Agrippa, cut 1/2 of a Nemausus as, head left / Crocodile, thin flan, imitative
4) Augustus, AE19, Teos, head of Augustus in temple / Dionysos, RPC 2511, porosity, scarce
5) Augustus, AE20, Elaea, RPC I 2398
6) Augustus, AE25, Asia Minor, AVGVSTVS in laurel wreath, RPC I 2231, RIC I 485 (Ephesus?), ex Roma, e-sale 47, lot 449
7) Time of Augustus, AE23 Apamea, Syria, Dionysos, countermark of Tyche / Thrysos, RPC 4347-53, Howgego 201
8) Pergamum, Augustus, AE20 Homonoia with Sardes, Demos of Sardes crowned by Demos of Pergamum / statue in temple, RPC I 2362
9) Panormus, Sicily, AE16, Livia seated right / ram, RPC I 645
10) Gaius Caesar, AE16 Laodikeia, Phrygia, Eagle, RPC I 2899
11) Tiberius, AE27, Antioch, SC in wreath, RPC I 4272, rough
12) Tiberius, AE20, Eumueia, Phrygia, RPC I 3147, F
13) Germanicus and Drusus, AE26, Sardes, RPC I 2995, ctmks
14) Tiberius or Caligula(?) AE20, Mallus, Nike, RPC I 4019 (Caligula?)
15) Caligula, Aspourgos, RPC I 1904, rough
16) Claudius, AE20, Cadi, Phrygia, RPC I 3062
17) Claudius, AE25, TONZON countermark over oval countermark of head right, Howgego 568, rare
18) Augustus & Agrippa, Nemausus, Gaul, RPC I 525
19) Claudius, AE23, Lycian League, Apollo, RPC I 3345
20) Nero and Britannicus, AE18, Pergamum, RPC I 2371, rare
21) Time of Nero, Sardes, RPC I 3008
22) Herod Agrippa I, prutah, RPC I 4981
23) Antioch, RPC I 4229, 38/7 BC, reverse rough, ex Surber
24) Tiberius & Livia, AE19, Ephesos, RPC I 2585
LT110932. Bronze Lot, lot of 24 Julio-Claudian Roman provincial bronze coins, 15.7mm - 31.4mm, mostly Fair to Fine, c. 40 B.C. - 68 A.D.; no tags or flips, the actual coins in the photograph, as-is, no returns, 24 coins; several scarce; $650.00 SALE PRICE $585.00

Seleucid Kingdom, Lot of 22 Coins, 312 - 63 B.C.

|Seleucid| |Kingdom|, |Seleucid| |Kingdom,| |Lot| |of| |22| |Coins,| |312| |-| |63| |B.C.||Lot|
The following list was provided by the consignor and has not been verified by FORVM (1 - 14 are ex Moneta Numismatic Services with their tags):
1) Seleukos I, Medusa / bull butting, HGC 92a
2) Antiochos II, tripod, HGC 9 253a
3) Antiochos III(?) AE11, palm tree
4) Antiochos IV, AE15, Nike standing, Houghton-Lorber 1381
5) Time of Antiochos IV, Tarsos, club in wreath / cornucopia, cf. SNG BN 1279-81
6) Demetrios I, serrate AE20, Artemis / bow and quiver
7) Demetrios I, serrate AE15, horse head / elephant head, Houghton-Lorber 1646
8) Antiochos VII, AE 20, Astarte standing, Sidon, HGC 1091
9) Antiochos VII, AE17, winged Eros right / headdress of Isis, star below
10) Alexander II Zebinas, AE22, double cornucopia, RC 2237
11) Antiochos IX, AR hemidrachm, Nike advancing right, obv. well off center
12) Antiochos IX, AE17, winged Eros right / Nike advancing left, Houghton-Lorber 2388.2
13) Antiochos X, AE21, caps, HGC 1292
14) Antiochos XII, AE20, Zeus standing left, HGC 1320
15) Antiochos II, AE15, Apollo on omphalos
16) Antiochos III, AE9, Sardes, elephant left, Houghton-Lorber 979
17) Antiochos III, similar
18) Antiochos IV, Mallos mint, AE15, Nike standing left, Houghton-Lorber 1383
19) Demetrios I, AR drachm, silver imitation drachm, (1.30g) thin flan
20) Antioch, AE24, Zeus, cf. RPC 4205
21) Demetrios I, serrate AE15, Houghton-Lorber 1646
22) Antiochos II, AE17, Tripod, obv. well off center
LT75953. Mixed Lot, 22 Seleukid coins, 21 bronze, 1 silver hemidrachm, mostly VF, 312 - 63 B.C.; 14 of the coins are ex Moneta Numismatic Services with tags, the actual coins in the photograph, as-is, no returns; $600.00 SALE PRICE $480.00

Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, Lot of 17 Bronze Coins, 305 - 30 B.C.

|Multiple| |Coin| |Lots|, |Ptolemaic| |Kingdom| |of| |Egypt,| |Lot| |of| |17| |Bronze| |Coins,| |305| |-| |30| |B.C.
The following list was provided by the consignor and has not been verified by FORVM:
1) Ptolemy I, AE20, Alexander / Eagle, wings open
2) Ptolemy Keraunos, AJN 12, 2000, 64 (legend reversed), ex Moneta
3) Marathos, AE24, Berenike II, Marathos
4) Ptolemy III?, AE20, Kyrene, Svoronos 871, rough
5) Byzantium and Kalchedon, AE26
6) Ptolemy IX, Kyrene, AE16 Headdress of Isis
7) Ptolemy VIII, AE23, Svoronos 1385, ex Clain-Stefanelli
8) Late Ptolemaic, cf. Svoronos 1698, skeuomorph central marks
9) Time of Ptolemy IX, AE29, Cypriot mint, two eagles standing left
10) Ptolemy II, AE17 hemiobol, Eagle with open wings, Svoronos 441; Lorber B221
11) Ptolemy III, AE13, Trident at left of eagle, Svoronos 839, Choice VF, rare this nice
12) Ptolemy IV, AE26 obol, F
13) Ptolemy VIII, AE28, Svoronos 1492, ex Clain-Stefanelli
14) Time of Ptolemy IX, AE37 (23.4g), Cypriot mint, head of Zeus-Ammon / two eagles
15) Late Ptolemaic Cyprus, c. 88 BC, brockage, Svoronos 1714
16) Time of Cleopatra, Paphos, AE16 hemiobol
17) Cleopatra VII, AE10, Svoronos 1160
LT110931. Bronze Lot, Ptolemaic Egypt, 17 bronzes, 9.7mm - 37.6mm, mostly Fair to Fine, 305 - 30 B.C.; no tags or flips, the actual coins in the photograph, as-is, no returns, 17 coins; some scarce; $450.00 SALE PRICE $405.00

Lot of 18 Ancient Greek Bronze Coins - Carthage and Carthage-Related

|Multiple| |Coin| |Lots|, |Lot| |of| |18| |Ancient| |Greek| |Bronze| |Coins| |-| |Carthage| |and| |Carthage-Related| |
The following list was provided by the consignor and has not been verified by FORVM:
1) Carthage, AE20, Tanit left / horse right, head turned
2) Another, VF, obverse overstruck or double struck
3) AE15, Similar / horse right
4) Similar, AE16, horse right, palm, rough
5) AE16, male head left / horse right, SNG Cop 121, overstruck
6) AE20, Sardinia, horse head right
7) Carthage, Sicilian, AE16, male head left / horse right, SNG Cop 121. VF, clear overstrike over Tanit left / horse, scarce
8) Carthago Nova, Spain, AR plated AE 1/2 shekel (2.29g), time of Hannibal, Melqart left / horse right, CNH 75, rare
9) Carthage, AE15 (3.09g) head of Tanit left / horse galloping right MAA 15, SNG Cop 94, overstruck, ex Moneta Numismatic Services
10) Punic Sicily, AE18, Youthful male head with earring / horse right. SNG Cop Africa 120, overstruck
11) Cossura, Islands off Sicily, AE23, Isis right / Punic legend in wreath, SNG Cop 447, scarce
12) Melita, AE28 (10.85g) Veiled and diademed female head right / mummy of Osiris standing, between winged figures of Isis and Nephtys, SNG Cop 458, scarce
13) Scipio Africanus, AE shekel (9.78g), Carthago Nova, Spain, bare male head left / horse standing right; palm tree in background, SNG BM Spain 127
14) Lastigi, Iberia, AE18 (3.74g), late 2nd century BC, helmeted male head right, laurel border / LAS within laurel wreath, SNG BM 1569-71
15) Numidia, AE25, horse left, cleaned
16) Another, AE28, cleaned
17) Kyrene, Cyrenaica, AE16 (4.35g), head of Zeus-Ammon right / palm tree, silphium plant and crab, SNG Cop 1259; BMC 298, ex Moneta Numismatic Services
18) Carthaginian Spain, helmeted head left / horse right
LT110936. Bronze Lot, 18 Greek bronze coins, Carthage and Carthage-related, 15.8 mm - 29.2mm, c. 300 to 100 B.C.; no tags or flips, the actual coins in the photograph, as-is, no returns, 18 coins; some scarce; $450.00 SALE PRICE $405.00

Roman Republic and Central Italy, c. 5th - 4th Century B.C., Lot of 40 Small Aes Rude Fragments

|before| |211| |B.C.|, |Roman| |Republic| |and| |Central| |Italy,| |c.| |5th| |-| |4th| |Century| |B.C.,| |Lot| |of| |40| |Small| |Aes| |Rude| |Fragments||Lot|
In Italy, as with other nations, early trade used a system of barter. Aes rude (Latin: "rough bronze"), used perhaps as early as the early 8th century B.C., was the earliest metal proto-currency in central Italy. In the 5th century B.C., bronze replaced cattle as the primary measure of value in trade. Aes rude are rough lumpy bronze ingots with no marks or design, some are flat and oblong, others are square, while many are irregular and shapeless. The metal is mostly copper with roughly 5% tin. Weight varies considerably with some exceeding twelve pounds and others under an ounce. Many smaller examples are fragments of broken larger specimens. A balance was necessary to measure value for commercial transactions.
LT110940. Bronze Lot, Lot of 40 aes rude fragments, cf. BMCRR I p. 1, Haeberlin pl. 1, Vecchi ICC pl. 1, Thurlow-Vecchi pl. 2, SRCV I 505, average weight c. 14g, no tags or flips, the actual pieces in the photograph, as is, no returns, 40 pieces; $400.00 SALE PRICE $360.00

Iberia and Magna Graecia, c. 420 - 30 B.C., Lot of 15 Ancient Coins

|Multiple| |Coin| |Lots|, |Iberia| |and| |Magna| |Graecia,| |c.| |420| |-| |30| |B.C.,| |Lot| |of| |15| |Ancient| |Coins||Lot|
The following is from Moneta Numismatic Services and (1) Sayles and Lavendar tags and is not verified by FORVM:
1) Menaion, Sicily, mid 3rd-2nd century B.C., AE16, 4.08g, veiled head of Demeter/MENAINWN, crossed torches, IIII below, CNS 7, aF.
2) Bruttium, Italy, 214-211 B.C., 8.06g, head of Zeus, grain behind/eagle standing left on thunderbolt, cornucopia left, Scheu 13, VF.
3) The Bretti, Bruttium, Italy, c. 208-203 B.C., AE24, 12.12g, helmeted head of Ares/Hera advancing right, HN Italy 2003, nVF.
4) The Bretti, Bruttium, Italy, 214-211 B.C., AE17, 3.62, Nike left/Zeus hurling thunderbolt, HN Italy 1943, gF.
5) Syracuse, Sicily, 406-405 B.C., AE12, 1.46g, female head right/octopus, Calciati II p. 38, 9, F, ex Sayles and Lavendar.
6) Obulco, Iberia, 1st century B.C., AE20, 3.90g, laureate head of Apollo right/bull standing right, VF.
7) Leontini, Sicily, 207 - 200 B.C., AE14, 2.44g, wreathed and veiled head of Demeter left/bundle of four grain ears, CNS 9, F.
8) Akragas, Sicily, 240-212 B.C., AE19, 5.58g, Kore wearing grain/Asklepios standing resting on serpent-entwined staff, CNS 144, VF/F.
9) Iberia, hacksilver, 4th-2nd century B.C., 4.29g, equal in weight to an Attic drachm.
10) Iberia, Punic Issues, mid-late 3rd century B.C., AE12, 1.80g, wreathed head of Tanit right/Horse head left, ACIP 590, F.
11) Gadir, Iberia, 2nd century B.C., AE25, 7.95g, head of Herakles left, wearing lion skin headdress/two fish, SNG BM 228, nF.
12) Zeugitana, Carthage, 300-264 B.C., AE20, 5.44g, wreathed head of Tanit left/head of horse right, MAA 57, VF.
13) Paestum, Lucania, 3rd century B.C., AE17, 4.45g, laureate head of Neptune right/dolphin left, F.
14) Kamarina, Sicily, 420-405 B.C., AE10, 1.02g, Gorgoneion/owl standing right, lizard before, Westermark-Jenkins 186, VF.
15) The Mamertini, Messana, Sicily, 211-208 B.C., AE26, 9.97g, Zeus/warrior, CNS 41, nF.
LT96255. Bronze Lot, 15 ancient bronze coins from Iberia and Magna Graecia, c. 420 - 30 B.C.; the actual coins in the photograph, in flips (non-archival) with Moneta Numismatic Services (14) or Sayles & Lavender (1) tag (information not verified by FORVM), tag prices total $925, 15 coins; $360.00 SALE PRICE $324.00

Lot of 14 Greek Coins, 12 Silver Fractions, 2 Cut Silver Coins, and 1 Celtic Counterfeit, 5th - 1st Century B.C.

|Multiple| |Coin| |Lots|, |Lot| |of| |14| |Greek| |Coins,| |12| |Silver| |Fractions,| |2| |Cut| |Silver| |Coins,| |and| |1| |Celtic| |Counterfeit,| |5th| |-| |1st| |Century| |B.C.||Lot|NEW
The following list was provided by the consignor and has not been verified by FORVM:
1) Sidon, AR 1/16th shekel (0.87g), cf. Elayi 851-1818.
2) Archaic cut AR fragment (4.40g), c. 525-475 BC., 20 mm.
3) Alexander III, AR obol (0.6g).
4) Byzantion, AR hemidrachm, bull left / mill sail incuse.
5) Seleucid Kings of Syria, Seleukos I (312-281 BC), AR hemiobol, head of Herakles to right, wearing lion skin headdress, / Nike advancing right, holding wreath, HGC 9 57.
6) Thrace, Dikaia, c. 500 BC, AR hemiobol (0.25g), pantherís head facing / grape cluster within incuse square, apparently unpublished, cf. Barron pl. 5, 1a (triobol), rare.
7) Another (0.28g).
8) Campania, Phistelia, AR obol (0.60g), c. 325-275 BC, head of nymph facing slightly to left / lion crouching to left, serpent below, HN Italy 619, SNG ANS 584, SNG Cop 577, deep crack.
9) Parion, Mysia, AR drachm (2.82g), from the Richard L. Horst Collection.
10) Lesbos, AR fraction (0.20g), confronting boar heads / quadripartite incuse square.
11) Kyzicus, AR hemiobol, boar / lion head inside incuse square.
12) Mylasa, Caria, AR drachm (2.09g), 170-130 BC, facing Helios, eagle before / rose, SNG Cop 921.
13) Lesbos, AR fraction, head of calf left / quadripartite incuse square, cf. BMC 50 (head right).
14) Soloi, Cilicia, AR cut stater (6.81g), c. 380 BC, bust of Herakles right / bearded head of satrap right, BMC 27, SNG Levante 50, rare.
15) Celtic, Imitating Thasos, AR plated AE tetradrachm (14.49g), c. 2nd - 1st century BC. Dionysos r. / Herakles standing l. cf. GŲbl, OTA pl. 46, class II, 1. VF, obverse badly pitted.
LT110937. Mixed Lot, 15 coins, 5.8mm - 32.2mm, 5th - 1st century B.C.; no tags or flips, the actual coins in the photograph, as-is, no returns, 15 coins; several scarce or rare; $300.00 (Ä282.00)

Lot of 16 Greek Silver Fractions (14) and Iberian Hacksilver (2), c. 500 - 330 B.C.

|Multiple| |Coin| |Lots|, |Lot| |of| |16| |Greek| |Silver| |Fractions| |(14)| |and| |Iberian| |Hacksilver| |(2),| |c.| |500| |-| |330| |B.C.||Lot|
The following list was provided by the consignor and has not been verified by FORVM:
1) Iberia, Hacksilver, 1.01g.
2) Iberia, hacksilver, 0.32g.
3) Phokeia, AR tetartemoion, griffin head, BMC 88-89.
4) Methymna, Lesbos, AR hemiobol, 0.27g, 500-460 B.C., female head wearing sakkos right / cock standing right, MATH over, in incuse square with pelleted border, HGC 893.
5) Uncertain, Caria, AR tetartemorion, 0.16g, c. 480-450 B.C., helmeted head left / incuse.
6) Uncertain Mint, Cilicia, AR tetartemorion, 0.16g, crowned head of Hera right / reverse off center (off flan).
7) Uncertain, Western Asia Minor, late 6th-early 5th centuries B.C., AR tetartemorion, 7mm, 0.15g, head left, wearing close-fitting cap(?) / incuse punch.
8) Uncertain, Thraco-Macedonian, AR hemiobol, 0.24g, head of lion right / quadripartite incuse square, Tzamalis 52.
9) Methymna, AR 5mm tetartemorion, 0.21g, Facing head of Selinos. / quadripartite incuse square, cf. HGC 894-5.
10) Persian King, AR 1/24th siglos, 0.18g, Persian King / incuse. cf. Klein 759.
11) Achaemenid Empire, 485-400 B.C., AR 4mm 1/32nd siglos, or hemitetartemorion, 0.13g, king right, kneeling-running with bow / incuse square, Klein 760.
12) Kition, AR hemiobol or 1/24th stater, 0.34g, head of Herakles in lion skin right / lion attacking stag right, all inside incuse square, BMC 57.
13) Neandros, AR obol, 0.66g, 4th century B.C., head of Apollo right / goat.
14) Sidon, AR 1/16th shekel, 0.61g, Persian king fighting lion / Phoenician galley left, waves below.
15) Persia, AR 1/24 stater, 0.40g, Klein 562.
16) Uncertain, AR hemiobol, 0.33g, animal head left / circular incuse.
LT97805. Silver Lot, 14 Greek silver fractions and 2 pieces of Iberian hacksilver, c. 500 - 330 B.C.; no tags or flips, the actual coins in the photograph, as-is, no returns; some scarce; $320.00 SALE PRICE $288.00



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