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Asian Coins

Lot of 29 Coins of Japan, China, Hong Kong, Etc.

|Medieval| |&| |Modern| |Bulk| |Lots|, |Lot| |of| |29| |Coins| |of| |Japan,| |China,| |Hong| |Kong,| |Etc.|
LT97475. Lot of 29 coins of Japan, China, Hong Kong, etc., ex Numismatik Naumann auction 96 (1 Nov 2020), lot 950; as-is, no returns; $325.00 (€266.50)

Indo-Greek Kingdom, Menander I Soter, 155 - 130 B.C.

|Indo-Greek| |Kingdoms|, |Indo-Greek| |Kingdom,| |Menander| |I| |Soter,| |155| |-| |130| |B.C.||chalkous|
Menander is the most important Greek king who ruled in India and the only Greek king mentioned in Indian literature. Tradition maintains he was a wise and powerful King, who converted to Buddhism. This is further evidenced by his later coin legends which translate, "follower of the Dharma."
WA97503. Bronze chalkous, Bopearachchi Sιrie 28E, Mitchiner IGIS Type 240a, SNG ANS 923 ff., SNG Cop 310, Mitchiner ACW -, VF, dark green patina, highlighting earthen deposits, scratches, areas of corrosion, weight 3.479 g, maximum diameter 18.3 mm, die axis 0o, chief workshop, Pushkalavati mint, 155 - 130 B.C.; obverse BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΣΩTHPOΣ MENAN∆POΣ, elephant head right, trunk raised, bell suspended from neck; reverse Kharosthi legend: Maharajasa Tratarasa Menandrasa (Great King Savior Menander), club of Herakles, vertical, handle down, monogram lower left, A lower right; from the Michael Arslan Collection; $70.00 (€57.40)

China, Warring States, Chu Kingdom, c. 476 - 221 B.C., Ghost Face Money

|China|, |China,| |Warring| |States,| |Chu| |Kingdom,| |c.| |476| |-| |221| |B.C.,| |Ghost| |Face| |Money||cowrie|
This cowrie form is nicknamed Ant Nose Money and the specific type is nicknamed the Ghost Face Coin. The "face" is actually the characters "Gui Lian Qian." David Hartill notes, "They have been found in areas to the south of the Yellow River corresponding to the State of Chu in the Warring States period. One hoard was of some 16,000 pieces. Their weight is very variable, and their alloy often contains a high proportion of lead."
CH96425. Bronze cowrie, Hartill 1.4, Schjoth 15-17, Fisher 4, Fair, light brown mottled patina, weight 1.944 g, maximum diameter 15.5 mm, die axis 0o, c. 476 - 221 B.C.; obverse Gui Lian Qian; reverse plain; $28.00 (€22.96)

Stephen Album, 35 Price Lists, Islamic and Indian Coins, 1978 - 1987

|Auction| |Catalogs|, |Stephen| |Album,| |35| |Price| |Lists,| |Islamic| |and| |Indian| |Coins,| |1978| |-| |1987|
Price Lists 11, 16, 18, 21-23, 25-53
BK22932. Stephen Album, 35 Price Lists, Islamic and Indian Coins, 1978 - 1987, small booklet style, paperback, international shipping at actual cost of shipping; $38.00 SALE |PRICE| $19.00

China, Western Han Dynasty, 206 B.C. - 25 A.D., Lot of 7 Cash Coins

|China|, |China,| |Western| |Han| |Dynasty,| |206| |B.C.| |-| |25| |A.D.,| |Lot| |of| |7| |Cash| |Coins||Lot|
Ancient Chinese coins are markedly different from coins produced in the west. Chinese coins were cast in molds, unlike western coins which were typically struck (hammered) or, in later times, milled. Chinese coins were usually made from bronze, brass, or iron.
LT96839. Bronze Lot, Lot of seven early cash coins, as found patina and deposits, weight c. 2.2 g, maximum diameter c. 22-24 mm, 175 - 119 B.C.; unattributed to type, no tags or flips, the actual coins in the photograph, as-is, no returns, LOT OF 7 COINS; $14.00 (€11.48)

China, Western Han Dynasty, 206 B.C. - 25 A.D.

|China|, |China,| |Western| |Han| |Dynasty,| |206| |B.C.| |-| |25| |A.D.||4| |zhu|
The banliang, round with a square hole in the middle, was the first unified currency of China, introduced by the first emperor Qin Shi Huang around 210 B.C. Before that, a variety of coins were used in China, usually in the form of blades (knife money) or other implements, though round coins with square holes were used by the state of Zhou before it was extinguished by Qin in 249 B.C. Banliang coinage was part of a broader Qin standardization plan which also unified weights, measures and axle width. By the time this coin was issued, a full monetary economy had developed, with taxes, salaries and fines paid in coins. An average of 220 million coins were produced each year.
CH96838. Bronze 4 zhu, Hartill 7.16 - 7.17; Mitchiner ATEC 2 5156 (perhaps other varieties in the lot), near Fine or better, as found patina and deposits, weight c. 2.7 g, maximum diameter 24 mm, 175 - 119 B.C.; obverse Ban Liang, no rims; reverse plain, no rims; randomly selected from the same lot as the coins in the photograph, ONE COIN; $12.00 (€9.84)

Japan, Nagasaki Trade Coins, 1659 - 1685, For Trade with Vietnam

|Japan|, |Japan,| |Nagasaki| |Trade| |Coins,| |1659| |-| |1685,| |For| |Trade| |with| |Vietnam||cash|
From 1641, under the Sakoku isolationist policy, Nagasaki was the only Japanese port open to trade with Vietnam. Japan traded silver and copper for raw silk, sugar spices and sandalwood. Nagasaki Trade Coins were cast from 1659 to 1685. By law, they could not bear the officially issued Kanei Tsuho inscription. The inscription on this type copies Chinese Northern Song Dynasty cash coins, inscribed Yuan Feng Tong Bao, issued 960 - 1122. The clerical script style on these imitatives is quite different from the Song coins. A string of these trade coins was worth 1 liang of silver in Japan but 10.5 liang of silver in Vietnam! Copies of this type were also cast in Vietnam; their style is even further removed from their Song prototypes.
JA96850. Bronze cash, Hartill EJC 3.176 (copies Northern Song, Yuan Feng Ton Bao, Hartill 16.234), VF, light highlighting deposits, areas of slight porosity, weight 3.190 g, maximum diameter 24.4 mm, die axis 0o, Nagasaki mint, 1668 - 1685; obverse Gen Ho Tsu Ho (Vietnamese: Nguyen Phong Thong Bao), li (clerical) script, clockwise, one dot Tsu, large characters; reverse plain; $12.00 (€9.84)

China, Northern Song Dynasty, Emperor Zhen Zong, 997 - 1022 A.D.

|China|, |China,| |Northern| |Song| |Dynasty,| |Emperor| |Zhen| |Zong,| |997| |-| |1022| |A.D.||1| |cash|
This type is read clockwise - top, right, bottom, left.

Zhezong ascended the throne at age 10 under the supervision of Empress Dowager Gao. He was powerless until the Empress' death in 1093. Under Zhenzong the country prospered. But after the Khitan attacked, despite initial successes, he concluded a treaty agreeing to an inferior position and an annual tribute of 100,000 oz. of silver and over 200,000 bolts of silk. The treaty brought over a century of peace, but the admission of inferiority would plague foreign affairs and the payments slowly depleted the empire's coffers. Zhezong died in 1100 in Kaifeng and was succeeded by his younger brother. He was only 24.
CH92229. Bronze 1 cash, Gorny NS 08.11, Hartill 16.59, Schjoth 477, Fisher 891, aF, as found patina, light deposits and encrustations, weight 3.662 g, maximum diameter 24.7 mm, 1008 - 1016 A.D.; obverse Xiang Fu tong bao, regular script, clockwise, two dot tong; reverse plain; from a collection of 90 different Chinese cash coin types (no duplicates) all selected from a single hoard found on Java; $12.00 (€9.84)

China, Northern Song Dynasty, Emperor Ren Zong, 1022 - 1063 A.D.

|China|, |China,| |Northern| |Song| |Dynasty,| |Emperor| |Ren| |Zong,| |1022| |-| |1063| |A.D.||1| |cash|
Renzong was the fourth emperor of the Song dynasty. He reigned for about 41 years and was the longest reigning Song dynasty emperor. Despite his long reign, Renzong is not widely known. His reign marked the high point of Song influences and powers but was also the beginning of its slow disintegration that would persist over the next century and a half.
CH92243. Bronze 1 cash, Gorny NS 12.a.01, Hartill 16.87, Schjoth 492, Fisher 902, F, as found colorful patina, deposits and encrustations, weight 3.57 g, maximum diameter 25.2 mm, 1034 - 1038 A.D.; obverse Jing You yuan bao, seal script, clockwise; reverse plain; from a collection of 90 different Chinese cash coin types (no duplicates) all selected from a single hoard found on Java; $12.00 (€9.84)

China, Northern Song Dynasty, Emperor Shen Zong, 1067 - 1085 A.D.

|China|, |China,| |Northern| |Song| |Dynasty,| |Emperor| |Shen| |Zong,| |1067| |-| |1085| |A.D.||1| |cash|
Instead of the usual square, the shape of the hole on this coin resembles a flower. The Chinese referred to this type of hole as a flower hole, rosette hole, or chestnut hole. Westerners sometimes refer to them as a star hole. The Chinese call similar hexagon holes as turtle shell holes. These whole variations were created by mint workers doing final detail work, using a chisel or a file to remove excess metal that flowed into the center hole during casting. Creating these fancy holes was certainly intentional but the purpose is unknown.
CH92278. Bronze 1 cash, Gorny NS 27.a, Hartill 16.210, Schjoth 545, Fisher 964, aF, flower hole, light deposits and encrustations, weight 3.224 g, maximum diameter 24.4 mm, die axis 0o, 1078 - 1085 A.D.; obverse Yuan Feng tong bao, seal script, clockwise, large characters; reverse plain; from a collection of 90 different Chinese cash coin types (no duplicates) all selected from a single hoard found on Java; $12.00 (€9.84)


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