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Julia Domna mater Devm


I thought that I would share this coin of Julia Domna as I haven't seen this type around before.
After some basic searching on the internet I still have only seen one other example so far and that one turned
out to be a Forum coin.



Cybele, towered, standing front, head left, holding branch and drum,
at her feet a lion, left.

Rome AD 196-211     RSC 128     RIC 566     BMRC 49



 information from the wildwind website

Julia Domna Den "Cybele" SCARCE FTN* Julia Domna AD 193-217 Silver Denarius
Obv: IVLIA AVGVSTA - Bareheaded bust right, draped. Rev: MATER
DEVM - Cybele, towered, standing left, holding branch and drum,
lion at feet left. Rome mint: AD 198 = RIC IVi, 566 (s) Scarce,
page 169 - Cohen 128

Nice one +++

This type is unusual because it only appears on denarii; no aurei or bronze coins of the same type are known.

The type is definitely rare, but in my experience obtainable; every year at least a couple of specimens are offered for sale.

Just what one would expect for a type represented by only two specimens in the Reka Devnia hoard: not eight specimens, as shown in the hoard report, because the six additional specimens allegedly in Varna have clearly been miscatalogued. They must be Cohen 137 with MATRI DEVM, which according to the report was represented by 37 spec. in Sofia but none in Varna!


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