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Joe Sermarini:
Good day sirs. NOTICE OF INTENT - I am writing this email to enquire as to why you have put my name on your notorious fake sellers list ( saxbys-coins ) & saxby coin, which has never been my user ID ?, secondly i have never changed my id to avaoid suspision, to decieve or to manipulate my customer base, my feedback shows this. Your ethics are ILEGAL, it is easy to destroy a reputation and type in my name but where are the facts, i believe because you have your own agenda ( selling your own coins ) that you haphazardly drop in any names that come your way without the correct knowledge, i have seen many many of your coins and have to date seen more than 11 fakes you are selling as genuine ? you are not following the correct precedure. I once had a topic opened about one of my coins that was for sale on ebay, an athens tetradrachm, the person who opened the discussion was a customer who had bought this coin, they were enquiring as to weather it was genuine and showed links, i of course know the coin was genuine and advised the customer to get a second opinion if in doubt. The coin was found to be genuine. as i knew it would be, you are stating that i purposely commit fraud ? where is your evidence and where are the facts ? this is slanderous & damaging. I will ask you to remove my name from the list, as advised by my litigation advisor in the states, this request is an official complaint and as the law stands you have 14 days to respond. I feel very strongly about this matter and will if i have to, tie this up in litigation until i get my name removed, you have also broken interlectual owner / copyright laws by stealing my picture and using it for your own purpose, the list goes on and on. I will apreciate your comments and look forward to hearing what you have to say about the matter. Your own angle on this is to further your own sales that much is clear, especially when you have been wrong about a coin i have sold, i hope you take this matter as seriousely as it is going to becom should you choose to ignore this initial legal notice of intent. yours benjamin stocks ( saxbys coins )

Forum Ancient Coins Response

Our members know very well that I do not haphazardly add names to the Notorious Fake Sellers List.  Our members know I am very concerned about not maligning the reputation of honest sellers for honest errors.
It is clear that while saxbys-coins sells many genuine coins, Benjamin Stocks supplements his income with intentional fraud, both by knowingly selling fakes and by intentionally misattributing cheap coins as expensive types.  I am sure these actions are intentional fraud because his fraudulent listings are too blatantly obvious to anyone that knows coins and because he has been informed of specific fake coin and misattributed listings and did not take action to correct them. 

We once removed saxbys-coins from the Notorious Fake Sellers List after Benjamin Stocks complained he had made honest mistakes.  It was not long before he proved that his mistakes were not honest and saxbys-coins was added to the list again. 

Saxbys-coins is on the Notorious Fake Sellers List because Benjamin Stocks earned this ignominious distinction.


On behalf of everyone else in the UK, may I apologise for the existence of this ill-educated individual.

Mr Stocks, if you are truly bothered about your reputation being harmed may I suggest you stop passing off fake coins as real ones.

Seriously, I know the law seems to be on the side of those selling fake coins and antiquities, given that prosecution of outright frauds such as the Sadigh Gallery does not occur. But if the law offered protection to these frauds by allowing prosecution for highlighting the fraud I would be completely shocked.

I wish you all the best Joe and thank you for providing a forum where these frauds can be highlighted.

I believe that the aformentioned purveyor of dodgy coins is still based in Birmingham. If so that is only a couple of hours away from me, so if you would like someone to pop down and "explain" the error of his ways I would be happy to do so.  Especially as I have been ripped off by him in the past, so I would enjoy a little chat :)

It's not only fakes this seller offers but grossly misattributed coins.  They often falsely attribute coins as a more desirable type than they actually are in order to drive up prices and interest in them.  There is no doubt that this is done intentionally and not an honest mistake of a reputable seller.  Good for nothing tricksters.


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