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Title: Imaging the Golden Age: the coinage of Antoninus Pius
Post by: Tacitus on October 24, 2019, 06:53:06 pm
Given that few ancient accounts of the reign of Antoninus Pius survive from antiquity, other monuments, in particular coinage, become important in reconstructing his reign. In this article coin hoards are used to reconstruct a quantitative understanding of Piusís numismatic imagery. It is clear from the results that the three different coin metals (gold, silver and aes) differed in their messages: while gold coinage emphasized the imperial family and the concept of pietas, silver and aes coinage focused on the emperorís concern for the grain supply (annona). This broad understanding of Piusís numismatic image is supplemented by more detailed analysis of coin iconography in particular years. The liberalitas and Britannia series of Pius are explored in depth.The study highlights coinageí s role as one imperial monument among many, contributing to the communication of imperial ideologies. It is clear that the image of Pius as a virtuous emperor ruling in a
Ď Golden Ageí was one cultivated by the imperial bureaucracy, and so it is not surprising that the concept features in the preserved texts. The long-term impact of Piusí s coinage is also considered. In the absence of significant quantities of aes coinage struck by the Severans,the coinage of Pius continued to be of importance in many regions throughout the third century,conveying impressions of Empire among users well after the emperorís death.

Title: Re: Imaging the Golden Age: the coinage of Antoninus Pius
Post by: *Alex on October 25, 2019, 05:38:21 am
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