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Flan splits whats exceptible

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Do splits efect price ?

Sorry for the pics,still learning a mere pleb.

Jay GT4:
Yes, flan cracks will effect the price.  It depends on how bad it is and where the crack is located.  It's not so bad on yours.

And welcome to Forum!

An uncracked example will always be worth more than a cracked one. Such cracks are regarded as "flaws", rather than "mint errors".

Joe Sermarini:
I distinguish between splits, which by my definition are open, and cracks, which are mostly closed. Of course there are a lot that are a bit of both. I would call yours a crack, not a split.

For me, cracks are a minor flaw. Of course if they are very ugly, detract from the types or important legends, or are so long the coin looks like it will break they can be a major flaw.

A small closed crack like yours will have very little impact on my price. Some, but very little.

Some types are almost always cracked or split and authenticity must be examined more closely if they are not.


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