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Need to edit numiswiki


Flav V:

on this page:
 I changed the part 4 references wich was containing errors on plates number. There is a link for part 5 but it is the part 1. The real part 5 is here:
I dont know how to change the link. Is someone can do it?

Edit: sorry i posted it in the wrong place. Need to move to numiswiki forum.

Joe Sermarini:
Done. This is how it was done.

Open the mairat page in NumisWiki
Click edit tab.
Highlight text "Part5.pdf."
Click unlink button.
Copy the good link.
Highlight text "Part5.pdf."
Click the EL (external link) button
Paste the good link into the pop up.
Click OK
Click the save button at the bottom of the page.

Flav V:
Thanks for the tutorial  :)


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