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New small hoard found in Spain.


Ron C2:

New small hoard found in Spain.

Hi RC,

Thanks for the link to the article.

If it wasn't for the badger, no one would know that the coins were there. I wonder what the badger thought of the coins or what he/she intended to do with them. I am sure that people can think of many funny stories about this badger and the coins. :)

One disappointing aspect of this is that they appear to be common late Roman bronze Imperial coins. In my mind, it would have been a better find if they were Greek or early Roman Provincial coins.


Ron C2:
There is always a better hoard Meep! While we are wishing, why not wish for a hoard of mint condition Augustan aurei or lifetime Alexander decadrachms? :)

Absolutely lovely post by Ron! I wouldn’t give up so quickly on the badger with a good nose for Roman hoards. It would certainly raise quite a few laughs if a collector ascribed the provenance of these Roman coins to the ex Property of a Badger. Other treasures have been found in the dense woodlands of Grado. In the late 1930s, the so-called Chapipi treasure (14 gold coins and gold rings from the time of Constantine) was also found in the area, El País says. But for now, only the badger knows whether there is more treasure to find…

They should name the badger Garrett!



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