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Amazing story of Maximus Thrax invasion of Northern Germany 300 Mile's deep


Here is the link to the YouTube Video

In 2000, two metal detectorists discovered an intact Roman battlefield at the Harzhorn hill in north-central Germany, hundreds of miles beyond the imperial frontier. This video explores the mysterious campaign that brought the Romans so far from Rome. For a reconstruction of the battle itself, see the second part:

The second part of this series is excellent too....recreates the actual battle in detail... fascinating how they were able to piece together the action

I really enjoyed the battle description.  A hard life for a soldier.

 :Yes, Me too that second part of the actual time line of the battle sequence is simply incredible on how they determined what happened on that day.
You are correct, a hard life in Ancient Times. If you made it past infancy, the average lifespan was perhaps 20s or 30s...not very long.
Thank for your comment


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