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Vladimir B2:
greek its a illyrian field it seems to have been painted

You may have more luck with other photos - e.g. inside.  But we don't have many pottery experts here.

I am moving from Other Metal to Other.


Virgil H:
We definitely need more pictures of all angles, bottom, inside, etc. The Greeks went through various phases with pottery styles over a period of centuries and there was a lot of overlap. There was proto-geometric, geometric, black figure, and red figure, roughly in that order. Just because this one you have posted has black predominantly on what we can see doesn't tell us for sure what style it might be. I am not a Greek pottery expert but have studied it some as I at one time was trying to make pottery in the Greek styles. It may be of interest that the potters and pottery painters were usually separate people, at least when the designs became more complicated. The workshops had both, with potters making the items, the painters decorating them, and other workers working the kilns. I will say that what you posted looks Greek.


Vladimir B2:
here im not home so i hope this will help thanks

I would start looking under Greek Red Figure Lekythos.

Not certain, but my initial guess is it is the bottom of one of those.



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