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In the Roman world real men ate cereal.


According to an analysis of isotopes found in human bones at Herculaneum, men ate more cereals and seafood, and women ate more eggs, dairy, and meat from terrestrial animals.


Virgil H:
This is fascinating and does not imply any real inequality in foods eaten by each gender. If anything, the women had possibly better diets. The thing that came to mind with me is that traditional fishermen eat a lot of fish. I spent many days on a Turkish fishing boat on the Black Sea. We brought salt, bread and veggies and ate fish caught during the day, usually anchovy type small fish that were grilled. Water, raki, and beer rounded out the meals.The rest of the fish got sold in port. Eating at Turkish homes, there was also seafood a lot, but more often than not it was more of a snack of yogurt and things like strawberries in season. And always bread. A big meal for guests, of course, was more elaborate. The stuff I had at friend's homes were things they produced themselves, from goat milk and the garden.



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