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Spherical Carnelian Bead from Caesarea Maritima


Hi, all.  Here is a roughly shaped spherical carnelian bead from Caesarea Maritima.  It is much less finely worked
than the Fatimid beads I posted previously, so dating is problematic.  The most interesting feature may be the cup-shaped depression on one side of the piercing, perhaps intended to allow a closer fit to the adjacent bead on the string.  The hole is drilled from the side opposite the depression, with a slight ridge of material remaining between them.  I have a couple other semi-round carnelian beads from the same area, but this is the only one with such a distinctive feature.  I realize the spherical shape was in use for millennia, but any opinions on the style and dating would be appreciated.

Thanks, V-drome

Red/Orange Carnelian Bead
Uncertain Date-Caesarea Maritima
Translucent pale-orange carnelian bead, roughly spherical, with
subtle off-white and reddish-orange banding.  Nicely polished
but with numerous surface imperfections.  The bead is drilled
from one side only with a rod drill(?), the hole terminating in a
cup-shaped depression, fashioned, perhaps, to allow a closer fitting
of any adjacent bead on the string.  Maximum diameter 8.0mm.
Ht: 7.0mm. Wt: 0.59gm. Surface find from the sand dunes near
Caesarea Maritima, 1971.
(click for larger pic)

No idea on date but it is neat.  Using cup-shaped depressions like that to allow the beads to "stack" would create some nice effects...



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