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Ignar K:
how can i clean this coin? and Is this coin a Roman Empire coin?

Welcome to the forum Ignar!

Can you describe the stuff on the coin?  It is hard to be certain from photos.

Have you poked it with a toothpick?  It looks like very hard concretization but that is uncertain from looking at it.


Ron C2:
In my view, the first question to ask is whether the coin is silver-based or copper based.

Usually it's obvious in hand. Can you tell which it is?

If you aren't sure, I would start with a prolonged distilled water soak.  Change the DW every 24 hours and keep at it for at least a month.  Much of the surface encrustation should dislodge with just that.

Ken W2:

Hello Ignar:  Welcome to the FORVM. Can you provide diameter and weight?  That may provide clues as to whether it is bronze or silver. I think I see some green patina peeking through on what appears to be the obverse, which suggests bronze. You’ll find many articles here about the many cleaning processes.


Ron C2:
The forum and numiswiki has the general cleaning option info. Most start with DW, and you can use something like a toothbrush and wooden toothpicks to try and dislodge surface debris between water changes.

Once you know if silver or bronze, next steps can be determined.  Cleaning of silver varies dramatically from cleaning bronze or copper. 


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