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Stripped Sev Alex of Nicaea


Ken W2:
Hello all: I posted last fall to get input about improving this Sev Alex from Nicaea. 19.97 mm  4.06 grams. Finally decided to strip it. Treatments were lye bath, SBBB under water, light smoothing with very fine flame point polishing point under water, and short dip in liver of sulfur solution. Probably will let it tone naturally from here.  I don’t strip many coins but I do think this coin is improved. Would welcome your thoughts and suggestions about how to better employ these techniques, again used as a last resort.

As you said, last resort.  I don't think there was any real alternative to this one.  The surface looked like is risked a BD-like reaction too.

It looks better now.

The lye clean might not entirely address that risk so keep an eye on it.


Ken W2:

Will do, and thanks for the response Shawn.


Ron C2:
if you are worried about BD, you could consider boiling it in DW, then heating it in an oven to a little over 100 celsius.  Once dry and cool enough to pick up, treat with a light coat of Ren wax.  Should never see BD after that.


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