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advice how to clean an roman antoninianus

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i have this coin full off encrustations, very hard to remove. how can i remove it?

thank you

Ron C2:
do you know the emperor and silver level?  Is it silver or billon? 

If it's indeed reasonable purity silver, have you tried some lemon juice on a Q-tip?


 its a gordianos 3

Get some formic acid.Dilute to around 10-20 % .The acid will dissolve this incrustations.But monitor the coin,1-2 hrs and should be ready.

Personally, I would go gentler and use Ron's lemon juice, or vinegar, applied via q-tip.  This may soften the green to the point that a fingernail or bamboo skewer will remove some.

I wouldn't go harsher until that technique, or even leaving drops of lemon juice or vinegar on the green for a few minutes, had proved to not work.



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