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does anybody have the Symbolus II font?

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Kinsley M:

--- Quote from: Redd F on July 06, 2020, 07:26:10 am ---
--- Quote from: OldMoney on September 09, 2018, 11:10:09 pm ---If Ras is reading this thread, then I would like to alert to the fact that
the two font links (Symbolus II & Aethelred using text) on his DOC site are broken.

- Walter

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Yet it's much more than a strange script. It became a trend – so it persists. By the early 1990s, fonts could break through to the market one of the first times they were made. Charles Bigelow, one of the designers of Wingdings, of the iconic architecture firm Bigelow & Holmes, told me Wingdings that a font became part of mainstream culture for the first time.

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I use this font, but it only works on my own Windows PC,
of course, it doesn't return the correct characters on internet networks,
not even on  " This Forum".


Virgil H:
That is the real limitation on fonts for anything online (and even with sharing documents at times unless fonts are embedded). Not all are supported by browsers, software online, etc. Very few actually are.



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