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Joe Sermarini:
I have add a Best of NumisWiki list on the left side of the NumisWiki homepage.  So far the list includes some of my favorite pages.  If you have favorites that are not listed, please recommend them here. Here is the current list:

Alexander Tetradrachms
Ancient Coin Collecting 101
Ancient Coin Dates
Ancient Coins| & Modern Fakes
Ancient Counterfeits
Ancient Glass
Ancient Oil Lamps
Ancient Weapons
Ancient Wages and Prices
Ancient Weights and Scales
Anonymous Folles
Anonymous Follis
Anonymous Class A Folles
Antioch| Officinae
Armenian| Numismatics| Page
Byzantine Denominations
A Cabinet of Greek Coins
Caesarean and Actian Eras
Campgates| of |Constantine
A Case of Counterfeits
Clashed Dies
Coins of Pontius Pilate
Conditions of Manufacture
Corinth Coins and Cults
Countermarked in Late Antiquity
Damnatio Coinage
Damnatio Memoriae
Denarii of Otho
Dictionary of Roman Coins
Doug Smith|'s |Ancient |Coins
Edict on Prices
Facing| Portrait| of |Augustus
Fel Temp Reparatio
Fertility| Pregnancy and Childbirth
Friend or Foe
Greek Alphabet
Greek Dates
Greek| Mythology| Link
Greek Numismatic| Dictionary
Hellenistic Names & their Meanings
Helvetica's ID Help Page
Historia| Numorum
Horse| Harnesses
Illustrated Ancient Coin Glossary
Kushan Coins
Imperial Mints of Philip the Arab
Latin Plurals
Latin Pronunciation
Library of Ancient Coinage
Life in Ancient Rome
Maps| of the Ancient| World
Military| Belts
Mint Marks
Nabataean Numerals
Not in RIC
Numismatic Bulgarian
Numismatic| Excellence| Award
Numismatic French
Numismatic German
Numismatic Italian
Numismatic Spanish
Parthian Coins
Paleo-Hebrew| Alphabet
Phoenician Alphabet
Pi-Style| Athens| Tetradrachms
Pricing and Grading Roman Coins
Representations of Alexander the Great
Roman| Coin| Attribution 101
Roman| Militaria
Roman| Mints
Roman Names
Rome and China
Serdi| Celts
Silver Content of Parthian Drachms
Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum
Syracusian Folles
The Age of Gallienus
The Evolving Ancient Coin Market
The Sign that Changed the World
The Temple Tax Hoard
Travels of Paul
Tribute Penny
Tribute| Penny| Debate| Continued (2015)
Tribute| Penny| Debate| Revisited (2006)
Tyrian Shekels
What Did The Julio Claudians Really Look Like?
What I Like About Ancient Coins
Widow's Mite


Aes Grave

Danubian Celts

Etruscan Alphabet

Gallienus Zoo

Greek Coin Denominations

Islamic Rulers and Dynasties

Nabataean Alphabet

RIC V online

The Gallic Empire


Joe Sermarini:
Thanks Q. I will add them, except RIC V online. RIC V online (MER-RIC) is fantastic but the NumisWiki page is just short description and a link to the reference. There are probably over 100 NumisWiki pages that are primarily a link to a great online reference. Several RPC volumes and much of BMC Greek are online for example.

It's OK Joe ,



Hi Joe,

I do not have any to add to the list.

What I will say however is that I find the links to numiswiki which are automatically generated in text on the discussion board and the FORVM shop to be incredibly useful.

Out of interest are there any words more than others which are clicked on more frequently? Or does numiswiki tell you the most popular search words? Perhaps that can help assist in adding any additional articles to the list above, assuming that information is readily available.



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