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#1 BE NICE! - The number one rule of this discussion board is BE NICE! - Moderators should delete rude posts and ban repeat offenders.

NO SELLING - No selling or advertising is allowed by other dealers except  links to sales on other sites.   The one exception is for our dealer members designated Procurator Monetae.  Their contributions are important to the boards and in recognition of their support we will happily allow them to advertise and endorse their firms any way they like!  You can include a link to your site and identify yourself as a dealer, etc. in your signature.  A link to your site is included automatically if you add the URL to your profile.

NO ENDORSEMENTS - Endorsement of other dealers is tolerated, but not particularly appreciated.  I consider it a personal insult when someone recommends another supplier for something that FORVM or our Procurator Monetae members have in stock. 


Modern politics and religion are not subjects for discussion on these boards. Controversial political or religious avatars and personal signatures are also are prohibited. I have strong political opinions but I do not discuss my political opinions here. 

That said, one of the most important reason to study the ancients is the lessons of history. Humans keep doing the same stupid things over and over. We can discuss how the lessons of history might apply today.  You should, however, be able to discuss historical events and how they might offer lessons for today without offending. If you can't, don't bother to discuss it here. If the lesson from history is valid and compelling, you should be able to discuss the historical events and allow the reader to draw their own lessons from it. 

Religion may be discussed only as it applies very specifically to coins.  For example, the meaning behind Christian symbols on Roman or Byzantine coins is an appropriate discussion.  Whether or not the denarius of Tiberius is the true Tribute Penny is an appropriate discussion.  Discussing whether or not events in the Bible are historical facts is not an appropriate discussion.   Comparing one religion to another is not an appropriate discussion.  It is impossible for me clearly and absolutely delineate the difference between appropriate and inappropriate religious discussion.  However, any discussion that insults religious beliefs or results in a heated debate about issues of faith is prohibited. 

Political or religious avatars and personal signatures are highly discouraged but not entirely prohibited.  For example, "Jesus Loves You" or "Muhammad is his Prophet" would be OK in a signature, a cross or Krishna image would be OK as an avatar. Positive personal messages are OK. Offensive, insulting or even just controversial political or religious messages are not. What is controversial? I don't know how to define it, but I know it when I see it. If you are considering something but think it might be controversial, forget it, it undoubtedly is controversial to someone else.   

People come here to talk about ancient coins. If we talk about other things, particularly those that offend people, we are straying from the purpose of the boards. There are plenty of places to talk politics, religion and every other topic.

NO VULGAR LANGUAGE - The use of vulgar language is not appropriate on this board.  We will delete posts that contain foul language and obvious attempt to circumvent our language editor.  This board is rated G and will stay that way.  Use of asterisks, apostrophes, spaces or any other method to bypass our censored words is absolutely prohibited.  Members attempting to bypass our censored word list will be banned from the boards.

DO NOT ASK ABOUT A COIN YOU ARE CONSIDERING BUYING. If you do not know the coin is genuine and/or do not know the expertise or honesty of the seller, then DO NOT BUY. It is not OK to buy a coin you do not know from a seller you do not know, even if someone on the Internet says it looks OK in a photograph.  Don't be foolish.

DO NOT ASK ABOUT SELLERS OR ENDORSE SELLERS. Sellers that have been identified as Notorious Fake Sellers are listed here:  Do not name the seller unless they are on Forum's Notorious Fake Seller List. We do not recommend buying from the sellers on Forum's Notorious Fake Sellers List (NFSL).  We do not allow screening of other sellers here.  If you are looking for a reliable dealer, buy from Forum Ancient Coins or our Procurator Monetae members.

UPLOAD PHOTOS.  Upload photos, don't link. Don't use links to Image Shack, your own website or any other website to post photos.  Upload the photos to the discussion board.  Linked photos eventually become a red X making the thread worthless as a reference. 

AVOID LINKS TO COMMERCIAL WEBSITES.  Do not link to eBay or any other commercial website.   


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