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I came across this quite by chance., a division of the British Library currently lists over 30,000 thesis from the past 40+ years, many of which are available for immediate free download.
You need to sign up for the service but it is free and immediate.
A simple search using the word "coinage" finds the following useful theses which are available free of charge. (Note - after clicking "View Thesis" you need to click on "Choose Pricing/Delivery" on the right. As you will see, the following theses are free of charge. also, the "2 volumes" information has been added by myself.

A study of the coinage of Chios in the Hellenistic and Roman periods. (2 volumes)
Author:  Lagos, Constantinos. 1998

Coinage in Roman Syria 64 BC - AD 253 (2 volumes)
Author:  Butcher, Kevin Edward Templar. 1991

The coinage of Gordian III from Antioch and Caesarea (2 volumes)
Author:  Bland, Robert Farrant. 1991

Roman Phrygia : cities and their coinage.
Author:  Armstrong, Andrea June. 1998    

Antigonos Gonatas : coinage, money and the economy.
Author:  Panagopoulou, Ekaterini. 2000

The Iron Age coinages of the south midlands, with particular reference to distribution and deposition.
Author:  Curteis, Mark Edward. 2001

The metallurgical development of the Roman Imperial coinage during the first five centuries A.D.
Author:  Cope, L.H. 1974

A coomparative analysis of Romano-British site coin finds.
Author:  Ryan, N.S. 1987

Barbarous radiates : A study of the irregular Roman coinage of the 270's and 280's AD from Southern England.
Author:  Davies, J.A. 1988

The Abbasid coinage of Madinat Al-Salam from 146/763 to 218/833.
Author:  Daftar, N. A. R. 1978

Moneyers of the late Anglo-Saxon coinage 1016-1042.
Author:  Smart, V J. 1981

The monetary economy of the eastern Mediterranean, from Trajan to Gallienus
Author:  Katsari, Constantina. 2001

Folles and forgeries : an appraisal of the composition of Roman copper-alloy coinage of the mid-third and mid-fourth centuries A.D. from Britain.
Author:  Ponting, Matthew James.  1994

The chronology and development of the coinage of Corinth to the Peloponnesian War
Author:  Coupar, Sally-Anne 2000

Aspects of the Iron Age coinage of northern East Anglia with especial reference to hoards
Author:  Chadburn, Amanda Dorothy Barras  2006

The recoinage and exchange of 1816-17
Author:  Clancy, Kevin 1999

Athenian Taxation from the Pisistratids to Lycurgus 550 325 ??
Author:  Fawcett, Peter William  2006

The coinage of Atrebates and Regni
Author:  Bean, Simon C. 1994

Coinage and conflict : the manipulation of Seleucid political imagery
Author:  Dodd, Rebecca 2009    

Money and power in the Viking Kingdom of York, c.895-954
Author:  Gooch, Megan Laura 2012

Synoikism : people, power and poleis
Author:  Rihll, Tracey Elizabeth 1986    

Industry and Empire : administration of the Roman and Byzantine Faynan
Author:  Friedman, Hannah Ariel 009

If you search with terms such as Coins Coinage Numismatics etc, only the titles with the pdf logo to the right of the title are available for download. Others, showing an open padlock may be available from the issuing institution.

Andrew McCabe:
It does sound extremely useful. Perhaps you could search on "Coins" and on Numismatics" to see if you come up with additional titles?

Hi Andrew
I am in the middle of doing some urgent ID work so don't have the time for the next couple of days but if anyone else has the time, perhaps they could go to the ethos website, click on "simple search" and see what other goodies they can find. It's easy to see the downloadable files because these have a "View Thesis" and a "download pdf" logo on the right.

areich: (without the www). My browser at least shows me a page not found error otherwise.


This has to be probably one of the best links reported - I now have a copy of Roger Bland's dissertation - a gold mine to the Gordian collector!!!



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