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Joe Sermarini:
1.  Approval to sell is required. You must send a request for approval to sell to FORVM and we must approve you.

2.  Active members only.  Only active members of the discussion board are permitted to sell.  You must be a Legionary member or higher.  You must have been a member for at least three months.  Please do not send a request for approval to sell if you have not been a Legionary member or higher for at least three months.

3.  No anonymous selling.  You must be registered in My Forum with your REAL NAME, a valid email address, mailing address, and phone number. If you have not purchased from FORVM, we require a one-time $1.00 payment by PayPal to verify your identity, address, etc. 

4.  Only residents of countries listed may sell. You must reside in one of the countries permitted to participate in the Members' Auction.

5.  Comply with all laws. You must legally own the items you list, and you must be legally permitted to sell end export the items from your country.

6.  All auctions start at $5.00 and will be at least 15 days long.

7.  Sellers MUST accept PayPal. We recommend buyers use PayPal to ensure they will be refunded if there is a problem. Buyers please DO NOT send payment by Western Union or other services that offer no hope for a refund if there is a problem. 

8.  Unsold items may NOT be re-listed.  If your coin does not sell for $5.00 then it was too junky to list the first time. We don't want to see it again. Or put it in a bulk lot.

9.  No fakes or replicas. If the Forum staff questions the authenticity of a listed item, the auction will be deleted.

10.  No junk. Auctions for very worn, corroded, low value coins may be deleted if the Forum staff believes the listing is detrimental to the reputation of the Members' Auction. Auctions for low value modern coins, tokens or anything other than ancient or medieval coins may be deleted.

11.  Photographs required. Photographs showing both sides of the coin must be included in the listing. Auctions with poor photos may be deleted. Do not photograph coins inside cardboard holders or flips. Do not photograph them through plastic other than NGC or PCGS holders (slabs). 

12.  Always complete the sale.  Sellers must honor auction results, contact the high bidder after the auction ends, and ship after payment is received.

13.  Sellers MUST guarantee delivery and refund for non-receipt.  

14.  Keep buyers happy. If a buyer contacts Forum for help with problems contacting a seller, failure of a seller to complete a sale, or other service issues, the seller may be banned from listing additional auctions.

15.  No shill bidding. If you bid on your own auction, or arrange for someone else to bid on your auction, with the intent to artificially increase the price or desirability of an item, you will be banned.

16.  No selling outside of the auction. If you offer bidders coins for sale outside of the Members' Auction you will be banned.

17. Coins only. If you desire to sell anything other than ancient coins (including antiquities, books, supplies, or modern coins), obtain permission from Forum Ancient Coins first.

18. Any problems and your approval will be revoked.. All members are encouraged to report suspected fakes, inappropriate listings, suspected shill bidding, and attempts to make sales outside of the Members' Auction. This is a free service provided for the benefit of our members. We will have zero tolerance for a problem seller and there is no appeal.

19. Requesting approval. Send your request to sell on the Members' Auction by email to Forum Ancient Coins customer service. You must be an active member of the Classical Numismatics Discussion to be approved. If you are not an active member, join the discussion and actively participate for at least three months before requesting approval to sell. Include your real name, username, email address, PayPal email address if different, phone number, and physical address. If you have an online shop, provide the URL. If you sell on eBay, provide your eBay user ID. If you have never purchased from FORVM we will require you to send us a $1 PayPal payment to verify your identity.


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