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Don't think it has been announced here but a new (and apparently very rich from the few searches I've made) website have been launched lately.

This website forms the preliminary step to the revision of the Roman Imperial Coinage V.1. The database presented here applies to the reigns from 268 until 276 AD, that is, the reigns of Claudius Gothicus, Quintillus, Aurelian, Tacitus, Florianus, as well as the coinage of the princes of Palmyra, Vabalathus and Zenobia, issued by the imperial mint of Antioch. Thus, the period covers an important phase in the ‘3rd century crisis’ encountered by the Roman Empire, from the reign which symbolises its most critical point (Claudius Gothicus) to those which implemented the necessary takeover (Aurelian and his successors).
The additional information or corrections that we hope for from the scientific community will permit us to target a better, more comprehensive study for the corpus being prepared (RIC V.1/2), an objective which is particularly laborious to attain for this period of inflation in the coin production of money and of the diversification of the minting network.
The documentation assembled here is based chiefly on 12 main institutional collections of reference (Paris, London, Oxford, Vienna, Copenhagen, Milan, Budapest, Munich, Brussels, Cambridge, Berlin, New York) which have been exhaustively studied and digitized by agreement of their curators. They are hereby warmly thanked, for without them this work could never have been realised.
The database holds to date more than 4540 entries, based on 104,000 coins and more than 80,000 digital photographs.
The project has been financed since 2004 by CNRS programmes (Centre national de la recherche scientifique) : GDR, PICS Nummi et Cimelia, or ANR programmes (ANR MONetA) for which Sylviane Estiot is responsible.

Credit to Sylviane Estiot and Jérôme Mairat :)

ADMIN NOTE: Forum refers to this online reference with the abbreviation MER-RIC.

Thank you so much for the link...the website is extensive. Like many collectors, I started with a collection of Claudius Gothicus and no longer add to it but have an interest in this period.
I know I will turning to it often.

Thank you so much Minos it is the very good and usable hompage...
best regards

I think this thread should be made sticky either here in Roman Coins or under Books and References.

I also suggest changing the title to "Pre-publication online version of new RIC V.1 for Claudius II, Quintillus, Aurelian, Tacitus, Florian, Vabalathus, and Zenobia".

That title I think better conveys the contents of this wonderful new resource, and the thread should be made sticky so that users will have no difficulty finding it!

Perhaps this should be nominated for the Website awards?



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