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David Atherton:
Since it seems we have a small Flavian community here at Forvm, I thought I would share a few of the book titles that I have acquired over the years which have been of immense help to me as a Flavian collector.

Primary Sources

Suetonius: The Flavian Emperors - Historical commentary and Translation by Brian Jones and Robert Milns
Tacitus The Histories - Translated by Kenneth Wellesley
Tacitus Agricola and Germany - Translated by A. R. Birley
Tacitus Agricola - Commentary by R. M. Ogilvie and I. A. Richmond
Pliny Natural History - Translated by H. Rackham (Loeb)
Juvenal The Sixteen satires - Translated by Peter Green
Martial Epigrams - Translated by D. R. Shackleton Bailey (Loeb)
Josephus The Jewish War - Translated by H. St. J. Thackeray (Loeb)
Josephus The Jewish War - Translated by Martin Hammond with commentary by Martin Goodman

The Emperors

The Year of the Four Emperors - Kenneth Wellesley
Vespasian - Barbara Levick
Vespasian and the Partes Flavianae - John Nicols
The Emperor Titus - Brian Jones
The Emperor Domitian - Brian Jones
Domitian: Tragic Tyrant - Pat Southern
From Tiberius to the Antonines - Albino Garzetti

The Jewish War and Flavius Josephus

For the Freedom of Zion: The Great Revolt of Jews Against Romans, 66-74 CE - Guy MacLean Rogers
A History of The Jewish War - Steve Mason
The Jews Against Rome - Susan Sorek
The Jewish Revolt Against Rome - Popovic (Ed.)
Apocalypse: The Great Jewish Revolt Against Rome 66-73 - Neil Faulkner
Jerusalem Under Siege - Jonathan J. Price
The Roman Siege of Jerusalem - Rupert Furneaux
Masada - Yigael Yadin
Masada - Jodi Magness
Rome and Jerusalem - Martin Goodman
Flavius Josephus and Flavian Rome - Edited by Edmondson, Mason, & Rives
Josephus in Galilee and Rome - Shaye J. D. Cohen
Josephus - Tessa Rajak
Flavius Josephus Between Jerusalem and Rome - Per Bilde
Josephus: The man and the Historian - H. St. J. Thackeray
Jerusalem's Traitor - Desmond Seward
Flavius Josephus - Mireille Hadas-Lebel
A Jew Among Romans - Frederic Raphael
Josephus's The Jewish War: A Biography - Martin Goodman


Agricola and the Conquest of the North - W. S. Hanson
Agricola and Roman Britain - A. R. Burn
A Battle Lost: Romans and Caledonians at Mons Graupius - Gordon Maxwell
The Roman Conquest of Scotland: The Battle of Mons Graupius AD 84 - James E. Fraser
Mons Graupius AD 83 - Duncan Campbell
Roman Scotland - David Breeze
The Romans in Scotland - Gordon Maxwell
Rome's First Frontier: The Flavian Occupation of Northern Scotland - D.J. Woolliscroft and B. Hoffmann

Pompeii and Herculaneum

The Natural History of Pompeii - Jashemski and Meyer
Herculaneum - Andrew Wallace-Hadrill
Houses and Society in Pompeii and Herculaneum - Andrew Wallace-Hadrill
The Complete Pompeii - Joanne Berry
Pompeii - L. Richardson, Jr.
Pompeii - Zanker
Pompeii - F. Coarelli
Pompeii AD 79 - R. Brilliant
Pompeii and the Roman Villa - C. Mattusch
The Fires of Vesuvius - Mary Beard
Vesuvius AD 79 - E. De Carolis and G. Patricelli
Romans on the Bay of Naples - John H. D' Arms
Ghosts of Vesuvius - Charles Pellegrino
Herculaneum: Italy's Buried Treasure - Joseph Jay Deiss
Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum - Paul Roberts
Roman Pompeii: Space and Society - Ray Laurence
The World of Pompeii - Edited by John J. Dobbins and Pedar W. Foss
Pompeii: A Source book - Alison E. Cooley and M. G. L. Cooley
Pompeii - Alison E. Cooley
The Shadow of Vesuvius: A Life of Pliny - D. Dunn
Pliny and the Eruption of Vesuvius - P. W. Foss

The Colosseum

The Colosseum - Ada Gabucci, Editor
The Colosseum - K. Hopkins and M. Beard
Arena: The Story of the Colosseum - John Pearson
Colosseum - Peter Connolly
A Monument to Dynasty and Death - N. T. Elkins

The Coinage

The Roman Imperial Coinage II Part 1 - Carradice and Buttrey
Coins of the Roman Empire in the British Museum II - Mattingly
Monnaies de l'Empire Romain III - J.-B. Giard
Roman Silver Coins II - Seaby
Roman Provincial Coinage II - Burnett, Amandry, Carradice
Coinage and Finances in the Reign of Domitian - Ian Carradice
The Metallurgy of Roman silver Coinage: From the Reform of Nero to the Reform of Trajan - Butcher and Ponting
A Dictionary of Roman Coins - John Melville Jones
A Guide to Biblical Coins - David Hendin

General works

Emperors and architecture: A Study of Flavian Rome - R. H. Darwall-smith
Flavian Rome - A. J. Boyle and W. J. Dominik
The Oxford Classical Dictionary - Hornblower and Spawforth
The Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World - Talbert
A New Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome - L. Richardson
Roman Passions - Ray Laurence
Popular Culture in Ancient Rome - Jerry Toner

Wow David, thank you for sharing this fantastic list, I will definately be using it as a guide in some of my future book purchases.

David Atherton:

--- Quote from: ancientdave on September 21, 2011, 02:26:21 pm ---Wow David, thank you for sharing this fantastic list, I will definately be using it as a guide in some of my future book purchases.

--- End quote ---

You are quite welcome. I hope it can be of some use to folks wishing to know more about their coins and the context they were minted in.  Also, I would like that anyone who finds a book about the period interesting or useful will post it here. This could be a growing resource.

David Atherton:
I just added John Nicols' "Vespasian and the Partes Flavianae" to the list. It's a superb analysis of Vespasian's rise to power and the people who supported him. Highly recommended!

Im currently reading The Year of the Four Emperors by Kenneth Wellesley, so far I am really enjoying it.


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