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I have this idea for some time now.
This forum has some "sticky" topics but I always felt that there is an important one missing.
So I suggest to the moderators to think if it would be a good idea to create a permanent
"unlisted Byzantine coins" thread.
By unlisted I mean not mentioned in Sear or any other major Byzantine coins reference.
I think it would be of great help both to collectors as well as it would help alot any future issue of a Byzantine coins catalogue .

If you agree, just create the "sticky" topic and I can easily contibute quite a few coins both from my collection or from other sources which I have saved in my database.
I am sure that many of our friends in this forum can also contribute their specimens accordingly.



 I think that is a great idea ;)



I collect a few byzantine coins, and would be very interested in seeing what people have found.  So sounds like a good idea to me. :)



Thanks Wiley!
OK here goes the first one!
"Iustinianus" AE follis Thessalonica mint.
I put Iustinianus in quotes, since I am not sure if this coin was produced intentionally or
-most likely- is the result of a mistake.
In any case a very nice coin.

Hi, a great idea!

which references are exactly regarded as major?

Of course Sear, MIB, MIBE, MIBEC, probably also Grierson, DOC. What about BMC?
Are specialized books like Anastasi, Füeg, etc. major references?

It would be nice to have a definition, may be a moderator could post a list.



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