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Joe Sermarini:
Please don't just post fake coins on the boards.  If you KNOW a coin is fake, submit a Fake Coin Report.  If you are unsure a coin is fake don't submit a report right away.  Post it for discussion, but if it is confirmed as fake, then please submit a Fake Coin Report. 

Also, if you post fake coin pics to the discussion board, please do not just link to an auction.  Please upload the pics.  Most auction pics are only retained for 90 days.  Sellers of fakes often delete the pic as soon as the auction is over.  This board will be more useful if fake coin pics are retained. 

The Fake Coin Reports are here:

There is a link to the Fake Coin Reports in the header of this page.

Once you are on the Fake Coin Reports click the link to "upload file."  Click that and follow the instructions.

The optimal Fake Coin Report format follows:

1) The obverse and reverse photos must be cropped to a narrow border around the coin and stitched together into a single image.

2) Title:  Issuing Kingdom, City and/or Ruler (as applies) / Denomination / Reference number

3) Entries should include as much of the following information as possible:

Obv. legend / Obv. description or bust type / Rev. legend / Rev. description.

Reference number(s).

Date and mint for the original type.

Weight and diameter.

How the fake was made (cast, pressed, struck with modern dies, etc.)

How the fake has been identified as fake including features that identify it as cast or pressed, style irregularities, fabric irregularities, epigraphic irregularities, known duplicates, publication as a fake, sale by a listed notorious fraud seller, etc., as applicable.

If the seller is not on the notorious fraud list do not name them in a fake coin report.
Feel free to submit any fake reports even if you do not have all the information in the ideal list above.  Please include as much information as you have. Don't worry if it isn't complete. Volunteers will often add additional information and corrections to reports that have been submitted by others.

If you know more about an existing reported coin, please add a comment to the report.


I would like to know a little more about reporting decorum. Apart from the coin details Joe outlined at the top of this thread, the question is: Is it proper to report a coin if you do not own it or at least have held in in your hand? I see many coins offered on Ebay which are suspicious, to say the least, but I feel that you must personal knowledge of a coin before you report it. This way you can establish weight, an important factor, and the realistic appearance of the coin.
So, what are the rules?


If that was a rule there would be hardly any coins in there. If you are not sure, don't add the coin.
Even if you ARE sure, ask yourself if you really know enough to report the coin or if maybe you don't and you shouldn't.
Overeager fake reporters can cause the whole database to be unreliabel but then again the fake reports are well-moderated by Martin.

Joe Sermarini:
If you aren't sure, post it on the boards for discussion.  

Joe Sermarini:
It seems to me that lately only a small fraction of the fakes confirmed here are getting added to the fake coin reports.  Please chip in and help by submitting reports.  Please look through old threads and find confirmed fakes that were not added and add them.  The fake coin reports need support from all our active members who use them and this discussion to keep them safe from buying fakes.  


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