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Joe Sermarini:
If you speak or write English as a second language and are not perfect, don't worry about it and no need to apologize. Sometimes we have small communication problems here because people who use English as a second language misunderstand or are misunderstood. Often English as a second language speakers apologize to me for their "poor English." One reason English has become a world-wide language is because English speakers are understanding and are not offended by mistakes. We really don't think that way at all. There is no need to apologize. Just keep trying.  We are happy to have you in the discussion. 

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Potator II:
Thank you Joe for these words.
I would add that Forum, in addition to being a great forum and a nice coinshop, is a fantastic "tool" to improve our english, writing and reading. Mine has been dramatically improved since I am a member here. (hope my words are understandable  ;))


And on this board we experience the advantages of kind communication to the point, respecting each other.

(Yes, i know, sometimes we also have an educational example from the other side in the sandbox.)


I very rarely have any difficulty understanding anyone here. Since I'm the only one in the family who speaks English as a first language (or was at any rate; the girls find Krio a bit unfamiliar now), I've come across far worse problems.

Thank you very much, speaking is much easier than writing.
great Forum.
all the best from,

The Netherlands


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