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Nicaean Addenda: Scarcer Finds from Nikaia, Bithynia

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Faced with all the scarce/unpublished finds from this mint turning up in the last several years, I've decided to start a Nicaean-Types thread formed of one or more entries for every new type, which will also eventually be entered in an inclusive list of omissions from the Isegrim database.* Unless otherwise noted, the Antonine types that are posted in these listings are currently missing from RPC Online as well.  The first overlooked type: Marcus Aurelius / Harpokrates, AE16, 2.61 g (cf. RG 107, Antoninus Pius / Harpokrates):

   * "Isegrim Extended ... Nicaea," at, a synoptic page ordering obverses by persons depicted; this includes links not only to the present Addenda but moreover to other omitted Nicaeans both elsewhere on the Web and in Forum. (Visit this separate page here on Forum for the virtually countless three- and four-standards issues from Nicaea:  Isegrim's listings took in all the major Nicaean type-listings through 2001 (Mionnet, RG, Weiser [Katalog der Bithynischen Muenzen Koeln], and the SNG volumes through SNG Pfalz 6); nonetheless there may still be hundreds of types from Nicaea remaining uncatalogued.

Antoninus Pius / Nemesis standing l. spitting in bosom, wheel l., holding bridle, AE23, 7.51 g (cf. RG 109-10, Pl. lxix.11-12, Nemesis holding cubit-rule not bridle):

Geta / Hygieia stg. r. feeding snake, obv. cmks. Nike r. and crescent-wearing male head r., AE25, 10.29 g (cf. RG 335, Sept. Severus / Hygieia):

Ok, some coins of my collection. The first one is a very small one: 15mm, 2.31g. Geta as Caesar, Nike advancing r. with wreath and palm-branch. Rec. Gen., p.463, 515 & pl. LXXX, 21. Nike wears a lampadion as on the staters of Alexander!

The next one: Gallienus, Rec. Gen. 836 (Thanks to Lars!), BMC 154. Dionysos in elephant quadriaga l. I bet that the die-cutter has never seen an elephant before!


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