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FORVM members may already be familiar with the non-commercial online references below, but I thought it would be helpful espeically to new members seeking IDs to have a consolidated list in this section? I could not find such a list anywhere on forum. Does anyone else think this is a good idea? If so, can I suggest this post be stickied and new sites added when requested? I am sure I have missed some, so please feel free to add them.

1. Forum's Roman Coin Attribution Toolkit:    

2. WildWinds:    

3. Coin Archives:    

4. Helvetica's RIC Lists: Later Roman Coinage:    

5. American Numismatic Society Database:  [BROKEN LINK REMOVED BY ADMIN]  

6. Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum: Greek & Roman Provincial:    

7. Roman Provincial Coinage Online:  http://|    

8. Oriental Coin Database:    

9. Coin India: Virtual Museum of Indian Coins:    

10. Byzantine Coins:

11. Historia Numorum:

12. Provincial Romans:

13. Asia Minor Coins:


15. Tantalus Online Coin Registry:

Mauseus has an excellent page for Gallic Empire ants at .

Frans Diederik:
If this thread remains stuck, it could be called: Look here first before you ask!


Howard Cole:
For Parthian coins:

For Islamic coins check out the link section of this web site: [BROKEN LINK REMOVED BY ADMIN]

How about every active recipient of "The Forvm Award For Numismatic Excellence", currently at 96 websites and counting!

Kevin  :)


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