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Howard Cole:
One of the best web sites for Sasanian coins is The Coins and History of Asia maintained by Thomas K. Mallon-McCorgray.

Besides Sasanian coins it has many other coins from the different civilizations and cultures found in the Middle East and Asia.  It also has very good reference material.

Here is the link to the web site. (offline 6/29/2014)

Joe Sermarini:
Sadly, Thomas Mallon has passed away and his superb website, winner of the FORVM Award for Numismatic Excellence, has gone offline.  Fortunately, much of his website is available on the waybackmachine archive.

The web site was down due to the grifterrec domain having expired. It has now been renewed, and is now fully available, at least to me.

Please try it, and report.

It appears to be working. Good news for anyone interested in these coins!

Howard Cole:
Looks like the site is permanently down.


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